Staff Module

The staff section is your staff contact database. Everything you need to know about your pilots, crew or employees can be stored in this section.

  • Add licenses and qualifications to each member and keep track of the documents’ status in the Licenses section.
  • Manage multiple passports with assigned visas.
  • Manage other crew related documents like Crew IDs and Vaccinations.

1. Screen Elements

Search Box

Search for crew members based on first name or last name.

Sort by

Sort the search results by first name or last name.


Filter the search results based on their position: pilot, onboard engineer, flight attendant, etc.

Contact details

The most important contact details are displayed next to the name of the crew member, on the top of the page.

Pilot Flight Hours

Click the edit button on the "Initial" line in the Pilot Flight Hours table to enter the baseline hours of a new hire. You can enter hours and minutes in the format hhmm. You can enter the shortcut "1030" to get a value of 10h30. 

Wyvern integration

If you have Wyvern integrated, you can see how it works here

Travel documents

Update passports, visas, and ID cards here. If a person has multiple passports or visas they are going to be selectable on the Dispatch page from a drop-down list on each flight.

Licenses and qualifications

Upload all the qualifications and licenses that are necessary for your crew to fly. Make sure you insert the expiry date of each item correctly so that you will get the warnings on time and will never get late with arranging the new documents. On the left side of the column, the same color codes are used as in the Licenses page:

  • White: nothing to do / note about the license
  • Yellow: license expires within 2 months
  • Red: mandatory license expired or missing
  • Flashing red: license expires within 2 weeks

* When you hover with your mouse in the red string next to the qualification, you will get an explainer. You will know instantly if the pilot is missing a qualification, if the qualification is expiring soon, or if you are missing information about it. 

2. Qualifications

How to Setup Line Training

You can manage pilots in Line Training, and raise a warning in case they are assigned to a flight without a Line Check Captain or Line Examiner.

  • Go to your AOC and add the Check-in, Check-out times that will apply on flights where you schedule a Line Training

  • Go to Staff page and select the crew member, who will undergo a Line Training
  • Scroll to Qualifications and add a Line Training qualification type

  • When saved, select the trainer crew member and add either a Line Instructor (LI), or a Line Check Captain (LCC) qualification

At this point the requirements for the system are fulfilled and next time when you schedule an LT crew member without an LI, or LCC the system will warn you during the crew scheduling process. The warning message is LT in red.

Archive Section

Two days after expiration, a qualification that is not required by current assignments will move to the "Archived" section in the Staff page. You will be able to retrieve it at any time and renew it with a new version. Note that the qualifications that belong to an active assignment will stay on the main screen even if they are expired.