5 Different Demurrage Calculations

FL3XX is providing a wide range of demurrage calculations. Whether you want to charge a penalty, a minimum hourly minimum rate, an average hourly rate on an entire booking, or a mix of all these, FL3XX is here to help.

  • If Block Time is less than the minimum Flight/Block hours per flight leg, charge the minimum hours

Determine the Minimum Block/Flight Time per PAX-Leg / Pos-Leg on the Aircraft record and the system will calculate the difference between the minimum hour and the actual planned Block/Flight Time


The below screenshot shows how the system calculated the 25min and the 18min difference between the minimum hours and the planned Flight/Bock time.




  • Charge fix penalty if the Block Time is below the minimum Flight/Block hours

Add a Penalty to the Aircraft record that will be charged each time on a flight leg when the Flight/Block Time is less than what you determined.


In this case, the Booking has 4 legs and two of them are below the minimum required Flight/Block hours, therefore the system added 2 Penalties to the pricing calculations



  • If the average of the flight legs in a booking is less than the minimum Flight/Block hours charge the minimum Flight/Block hours on all flight legs

When you add up the Flight/Block hours of a Booking and the average Flight/Block hours are below the threshold, the system will charge the difference for you


The below screenshot shows how the average Flight/Block hours difference is calculated. Altogether on ALL flight PAX and POS flight legs the Booking is missing 13/13min which the system is calculating and adding to the price


  •  Minimum Flight/Block hours per day 

If the Flight/Block hours are less than the determined hours on the Aircraft record, the system will add and charge the difference during the charter calculation


In this example, the system charged the difference between the total Daily Minimum Fligh/Block time and the estimated times, which is in this case 30min


  • If the Aircraft has a daily minimum Flight/Block hours AND a penalty for the hours, charge both penalties.

When you add a fixed penalty and a charge per minimum hour to the Aircraft record, the system will automatically charge both values based on the actual Block/Flight times of the flight leg.


In this example, in the Pricing section of the Sales/Booking the PAX Leg Block Time was 25min and the Pos Leg was 18min below the required minimum and the system auto charged on both legs a 500 penalty