2FA: Force Two-Factor Authentication 

Two-factor authentication (2FA) requires users to provide two different forms of identification, typically a password and a verification code sent to their smartphone or email, to access their accounts. This additional layer of security significantly

How to active 2FA in your FL3XX account:

1.    Accessing Settings for 2FA Activation:

  • Navigate to the root:
    Setting/Configuration/Security/Force Two-Factor Authentication.
  • Ensure that the checkbox for enabling 2FA is switched on.


Access for Crew Members:

  • Note that crew members do not have access to enable 2FA themselves.
  • If crew members want to enable 2FA, they must contact their administrator to activate it.
  • An administrator can enable 2FA on the Settings page for the entire organization.

2. Initiating 2FA Authentication

  • After enabling Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), users will encounter an additional security step when accessing the login page. Upon entering their username and password and clicking the login button, they will be prompted to enter a unique 6-digit code for authentication.
  • This code will be sent to your email address used for logging in.


3. Authentication Process:

1. Upon receiving the email, users have two options for authentication:
  • Copy and paste the code directly into the login page.
  • Click on the provided link within the email to automatically redirect to the login page with the code pre-filled. 


2. This ensures a seamless and secure authentication process for accessing the FL3XX platform.