Licenses Module

The licenses section gives you an overview over the status of your Crews’ licenses, trainings, qualifications, and endorsement.

Critical items set up as ‘Required’ will be displayed in red.

For the old qualifications structure some items such as "number of landings on type" are counted automatically and updated accordingly.

Screen Elements


Filter your crew based on their role or filter by an aircraft or ops team.

Choose to show mandatory licenses only or to show the archived items as well (old or inactive qualifications).

Search box

Search for crew members based on their names or search for a license

Crew members

See the column of the crew members whose positions are selected by the checkboxes above.  


Abbreviations of the names of all the licenses that are necessary for the operation of your company. Remember to setup an abbreviation in the qualifications tree.


See the expiry date of the given license of the given crew member at the intersection of the crew members and the licenses.

A single number (e.g. 2 on the picture) indicates that this pilot has two licenses of this type.

Click on a license code to focus the view on that item only.


Colour codes

The Licenses module has an intuitive and user-friendly colouring schema which helps you visually identify in seconds the items that need your immediate attention such as: the start of the revalidation period, date of expiration in the future, qualification without an expiration set, the buffer between revalidation and actual expiration, close to expiration or expired/expired but required.


Few examples of the colouring codes meaning below:

  • White: nothing to do/note about the license
  • Yellow: renewal period, typically 2 months from expiry
  • Red: mandatory license expired or missing
  • Flashing red: license expires within 2 weeks
  • Strikethrough: license has expired

The colouring schema sequence also includes flashing red as shown 2 days after a qualification expiration date.

The same colour code applies to the column with the crew members’ names. Hover over the names to see the written notification.