Crew restrictions

Create crew pairings and restrictions for handling the day-to-day operations and training reqiurements.

Based on the qualifications logic, this feature allows adding several criteria to your day-to-day crew pairings logic.

Users can create restrictions and inexperienced-based qualifications that can be used to raise warnings in dispatch.

Upon activation of this logic, a new option will be visible in the logical types drop-down list in the qualifications tree.

Selecting the option on a new qualifications enables four new options: ‘always fly with, don’t fly with, the minimum number of sectors and minimum number of hours.’
Users can select any or all of the above if required to create:
Don’t fly with restrictions - where a crew cannot fly with another crew due to personal or other relevant restrictions
Always fly with - useful for stages of training for example where a trainee can only fly with a type of instructor

Sectors or flight hours restrictions following a qualification on type where the crew are considered inexperienced; the system counts the sectors and/or hours and until this condition is fulfilled a warning will be displayed in Dispatch; 

The numbers can be adjusted in the Staff page so this is dynamic, based on real crew conditions

All the above can work together so it’s easy to create several scenarios for Line Training and post this training phase

The new type of qualifications is conveniently located in the Staff page as a new group, just above regular Qualifications.

It uses the same user-friendly Smart info logic allowing users to track from the Staff page the status of one restriction-related item. 

In order to activate the items, a start date should be added.

Combining these new restrictions can assist one user in:
Generating warnings in Dispatch in certain situations where crew shouldn’t fly together 
Tracking the phases of a training or fulfilling the inexperienced conditions following a training until the crew is released and beyond

Other Warnings

We issue warnings (independent of the feature above) for:

  • one crew members are older than a user-defined age
  • both crew members are older than a user-defined age
  • commercial flight only
  • international flight only

At the same time, we can issue an OML warning as long as a pilot has the Operational Multi-Crew Limitation toggle ON on the Staff page subject to:
  • the other pilot has the same toggle on or/and they are
  • older than 60