Roster Module

The roster section helps you to keep track of your crew. In a calendar-like screen you can select timelines for specific crew members and mark their status. Together with the FL3XX’s Crew App for smartphones and tablets you can keep your crew in the loop. Its main features are:

  • Apply crew status in the timeline, such as: Reserved, Off, Standby, Unavailable, Office, Training, Travel, and Events.
  • Add comments and notes to specific crew members.
  • FL3XX Crew app notifies all logged-in users of the changes in their schedule so you don’t have to reach out to each of them in email.   

Screen Elements



In the Filters section, you can choose which crew members and personnel you would like to see and they are grouped separately based on these criteria:

  • Checkboxes to select their positions: pilots, flight attendants, etc.
  • A search field to start typing the first or last name
  • Ops team
  • Aircraft (pilots are assigned to aircraft in the system)
  • Specific Qualifications 
  • Type of Duty (ON, OFF, or any other assignment )
  • Specific Date
  • You can display the data in UTC, or Local Time

Roster Sorting

You can sort your crew automatically or manually with drag&drop. In the default mode, we put your Captains first and below that the First Officers. 
Note that PICs will show fours stripes before their names as long as they have a PIC assignment added to their staff profile.
If you need a more custom way of sorting, you can drag&drop the pilots as you need them. 
At the same time, you can sort all crew flying on the same flight or booking (in a specified day) by using the Flight or Booking options as below.
Crew sorting by Duties
Users can also sort crew based on the duties they are assigned to. For an easy process, we've introduced a date range selection to the roster module. This feature enables you to easily filter and view crew duties within specific time periods, ensuring precise scheduling and organization.
Crew Availability
You can see the total number of crew members (pilots, flight attendants...) available each day from the collapsible panel on the top. Click the number in the Crew Availability Panel, and the page will be filtered to only show the respective entries. 

Date view


  • Today will display the current date
  • Type a date to jump to
    • 1112 = the next 11 December
    • 29 = the next 29th of the month
      • If entered day > than today; displays day at current month
      • If entered day < today; displays day of next month
    • Fast-entry date examples:
  • Click on Day, Week, or Month to pick the time period you would like to view.
  • You can zoom in / out with the little magnifying glasses to see fewer / more days displayed at the same time.

Roster Subtotals 

The collapsible panel on top of the Roster indicates the number of crew members available each day. It differentiates between pilots assigned to an aircraft (PIC and SIC) and pilots waiting to be assigned. Schedulers can now more easily plan crew duties, assign crews to aircraft, etc. 

Roster subtotals


Hide Flights

Check this box to hide the flights from the Roster so you can get a clearer overview of the schedule and the different activities of each of the crew members. Uncheck it to display the flights on which pilots are scheduled already.

Export PDF

Click on Export PDF to download the Roster entries that are currently displayed on your screen in a PDF format. We export all included sections on separate pages.

Open Flights

For your convenience and better planning, we show you the assigned flights of any crew member in the Roster. On hover with the mouse, you get some more information. 

This Flight popup in the Roster has a link to the respective flight in Dispatch:
Roster (1)

Pilot Calendar 

You can check for each pilot their entire monthly calendar in one step. Click on the calendar icon right to the name of the Staff member.

crew calendar



Crew Requests 

Your crew members can easily request any vacation, Off Duty, Travels, or any type of assignment that you can previously establish. 

  • All requests can be opened from "Pending Requests": 


  • This will further pop up a new window with the list of requests, from where you can choose the appropriate action:


  • The requests can be seen on the calendar roster as well. Unattended requests, marked with "?"  will be flashing in order to drive your attention toward them. 


  • Action can be taken also by clicking on the request: 


  • All declined Requests will be faded out, while approved Requests will get the normal duty view.  


  • Crew members will get notified by email once the action is taken with the appropriate answer:


We've recently introduced a. number of updates on Roster Assignment Logic and Visual Roster Indicators:

  1. Advanced Assignment Logic:
    1. We've introduced a new and sophisticated logic for flight assignments in the Roster module. This enhanced logic prioritizes Assignments (Staff) positions based on specific type ratings, ensuring more accurate and tailored flight crew allocations.
  2. Visual Indicators for Crew Coverage:
    1. Our latest update includes a dynamic feature that allows users to define colours for visual indicators. Now, when the flight crew coverage falls below the positions specified on the aircraft page, the affected flights will be visually highlighted with distinct colours. This provides an instant and intuitive overview of crew availability against set requirements.

      You have the flexibility to customize the colors in the FL3XX system. If you would like to change the default colours, simply reach out to and our team will assist you with the configuration.

  3. Auto-Assignment Logic Enhancement:
    1. To align with the improvements in Task 1, we've adjusted the auto-assignment logic. The goal is to prevent the automatic assignment of a Second in Command (SIC) as a Pilot in Command (PIC). This ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and enhances overall crew management efficiency.