Flight Items: Recap, Notes and Edit Flight / Revised


In the Flight Strip, the initials of the current assignee are displayed.

The panel contains the following fields/functions:

  • Separate conversations by a panel
    • you can see all incoming emails based on panels of handling, hotac, transport, and catering in one place 


  • All Flight Info: Recap of all flight information
  • All Flight Documents: Recap of all documents that were produced for this flight
  • Send Everything: Send an email with All Flight Info and All Flight Documents from the system
  • Send Customer Update: Send an email with the Dispatch Status of all Checklist items from the system
  • Release History: the full release history of a flight with the name of the user and the timestamp 
  • History: Full log of any action that has been performed on this flight
  • Conversation: Full email history of all outgoing and incoming emails concerning this flight


Screen Shot 2021-01-21 at 4.41.21 PM



On the right-hand side of the Flight Strip, all the notes are displayed.


We indicate with "..." when a note is too long to fit in the field and is truncated. Hover on the note to see the full text. 

VIsual Notice


Edit Flight / Revised

Edit Flight

By clicking  2-2 next to the booking number, you can edit Flight and Booking Details. 



  • When some relevant flight item (e.g. the departure time, crew (including crew documents, pax etc) is changed, all requested/confirmed services are switched to Magenta. Magenta is the colour for REVISED throughout the system.
  • For each service, you should check, whether it is still up to date or needs to be updated. If it is still ok, click the magenta jelly and it disappears.
  • If it only is a minor change, and you are sure that the services will still be ok, you can remove all jellies by clicking the big magenta jelly all the way to the right.