Airports Module

1 Airport Database

FL3XX compiles and updates its own airport database with more than 40,000 entries. The updates correspond to the update cycles of FAA and Eurocontrol data sources, as well as manual data entry.

For airport services like FBOs, Fuel providers, etc. FL3XX provides a basic set of information. If a more up to date data is required by the operator, we can upload any kind of source on behalf of the operator.

2 Screen Elements

Search field

Type the ICAO or IATA code, city or country of the airport that you are looking for.


Filter the results of your search based on runway length, region or continent.

Number of entries

See the number of the search results displayed.

In the top bar of the airport page, the ICAO code, city, and name of the airport are displayed. Click on the map icon to see the airport’s position on the map.

Base data

The base data of the airport consists of its location, IATA and ICAO code, website and slot office email.

Airport category

The categories of the airport can be: aerodrome, civil, land, heliport, public, military, water, public, and private. Based on this classification, the system filters the airports where you can or cannot land with the given aircraft when you book a flight.


People with admin rights can leave internal notes about the given airport to their colleagues in the notes field.

3 Settings

Further settings that can be specified at the airport page are:

  • Runways: the parameters of the runways are specified here. FL3XX filters out the selectable airports for a given aircraft on the sales page based on the data provided here. E.g. the system will not let you select an airport if its runway length is shorter than the requirement of the aircraft that you are booking the flight with.
  • Timing: the average turnaround time, average taxi in time, and average taxi out time are displayed, making each trip more planable for you
  • Opening hours
  • Operational notes
  • Services: all the companies that are providing services that are available at the airport (like catering, ground handling, and fuel) are displayed here, along with their contact info
  • Costs: in case there are some national fees set that apply to the airport, they are displayed here. Otherwise the fees per each aircraft at each airport are set at the aircraft page.
  • Fuel price / index: see the contractors providing fuel at the airport along with their private and commercial prices and indexes.
  • AIP: see all the Aeronautical Information Publication documents of the airport

3.1 Opening Hours

Airport Opening Hours are not straightforward. Local Time, UTC, different times in Summer and Winter. Even Lunch-Breaks like in Altenrhein. We improved greatly our system for setting up Airport Opening hours. The principle is simple:

Open  : You can takeoff and land with any aircraft that complies at least with ICAO Chapter4.

Restricted  : Whether you can land depends on a number of factors outside of the scope of FL3XX. This needs to be checked on a per-flight basis

Closed  : Well, the airport is closed.

Data of airport opening hours comes from integration with aviowiki. If you want to add exceptions, please update it in aviowiki and that information will be updated in FL3XX automatically.

The opening hours are then displayed in the Airport Panel, and e.g. in the Crew Briefing in a much more meaningful way than before. The Opening Hours are also displayed in the Sales page with red and yellow warnings.

3.2 Operational Notes

At the Airports page, you can set an alert under Operational Notes.

Tick the Alert checkbox and type in the note. You can choose Start and End time for the note, they are both optional.

Alerts are also available for the entire country if Countrywide checkbox is ticked. 

The alert displays a warning in the Sales page after saving the itinerary, and it appears in Dispatch/Airports where the dispatcher needs to approve that they read it by clicking the red box and changing it to green:

The alerts and notes inserted here are also displayed in the Crew Briefing to make sure your crew is well informed about the alert.

4. Services, Costs

In our database we have the vast majority of airport suppliers with their contact information. In dispatch when you book a service we will provide the related contact info. We are permanently adding new suppliers.

You can also add the Arrival/Departure PAX Tax and the actual Fuel Cost to the Airport record. Additionally you can upload into the system your negotiated private fuel prices that will be stored on the Airport page. 

Apart from that, you can add 3 Note fields that are specific to your operation. 

  • Dispatch Notes: For dispatch only; visible in the sections Handling, Ground Transport, Hotac, and Catering

  • Passenger Notes: Will be displayed in the Manifest/Passenger Briefing

  • Crew Notes: Will be displayed for crew in the Crew App and in the Crew Briefing

Remarks: When the data is inaccurate

Data in our service provider database comes from FL3XX Internal Source and our integration with Universal Weather & aviowiki. Please identify the source of the information first, then take the appropriate actions.  


Universal Weather

1. You can check the source, it shows whether or not it comes from universal weather. 

2. If you wish to request updates on the FBO data, you can contact Ruben E.Ruiz Jr. directly at 


  • aviowiki provides the following information mainly:
    • name/main city/icao/iata/faa/state/country/runways/timezone/elevation/lat/lon/opening hours
  • if you wish to update the details you can: 

1. Get a free account and just contribute on the web app:

Every field for airport, runways, providers can be edited. Contributions will be approved by their Data Team before they become public. 

2. If something is more complex, you can write to 


FL3XX Internal Source

1. You can check the source, it shows whether or not it comes from FL3XX.

2. If you wish to update the data, write to