FAA Duty Time warning in Sales

This is a generic MAX Duty Time Limitation and MAX Flight Time Limitation check and will warn you when the itinerary that you are about to quote, will not fit in the regulations set by FAA 14 CFR Subpart F - 14 CFR § 135.267 - Flight time limitations and rest requirements: Unscheduled one- and two-pilot crews, paragraph (b)(2) and (c)(ii), flight crew consisting of two pilots! 



The two different limitations also have two different colors: 

  • YELLOW = within 10% of MAX Duty Time Limitation or MAX Flight Time Limitation 
  • RED = MAX Duty Time Limitation or MAX Flight Time Limitation is exceeded.


By hovering on the mceclip1 Warning Icon, you will get a brief note about the two possible scenarios.

A detailed description would be shown once you click on the mceclip1 Warning. 


Please note that mceclip1 Warning will take into consideration a well-rested crew at the beginning of the itinerary and does not take into consideration any live-planned crew members

For a detailed and personal Duty Time check, with active crew members, you can scroll down and check each crew member's limitations under "Flight Details" after assigning to duty.