Add a New Flight, Saving Status and the Header

Add Flight

Typically Flights are created by Sales. Only on some occasions, you will need to create a flight that is not related to a booking by using the mceclip1-1 . Please refer to your company SOPs before creating Flights directly on this page.

Saving Status

This page saves automatically all changes. Whenever there is a change in the page, it will indicate in yellow “Some changes are not saved”, followed by “Saving…”.

After Saving, the status will be green “All changes are saved”.



Click on any bold header item to sort (by Flight #, Booking ID, Tail #,  Customer,  Date, Flight Type, Departure Airport, and Arrival Airport).

The active sorting is displayed with an orange arrow, pointing up or down depending on the sort order.




Sorting by "Tail#/ CAMO" is done within the same day. To enable this sorting just click the "Tail# / CAMO" label on top of the screen.

To switch back to the default sorting (by time), click on the "Date" label on top of the screen.