Flight Items: Movement Messages

In the Flight Strip, the entered Blocks Off and Blocks On Times are displayed.

The panel contains the following fields/functions:

  • Enter ETD, Blocks Off, Take Off, ETA, Blocks On, Landing Times
  • Send DLA MSG, DLA Take-Off MSG, Departure MVT, ETA MSG, and Arrival MSG in IATA and decoded format


  • Additional fields are available, like the DLA reason and Notes (Supplementary Information)

* DLA Reasons can be added to your database under Company Settings/Admin Operator Settings/Configuration/Dispatch/Delay Reasons


Upon entering times in each field, the corresponding "Send Button" will be displayed in accordance with the type of MSG that will be sent out : 








In order to re-estimate the Arrival Time, the ETA field available in the Arrival panel should be used:


mceclip11-3 mceclip13-2


Entered times will be carried forward to be used in the Post Flight Panel in order to avoid double entries.

FL3XX opens an email dialogue window when we need to send an Aircraft Movement message. You may also add any attachments to it.