Flight Time Limitations (FTL): Rest & Periodical Rest Period


1 Minimum Rest before FDP

Minimum Rest before an FDP is determined by the location of the Rest (At Home Base or Away from Home Base), and the length of the preceding Duty Period.

The location-dependant values can be set in FL3XX in the table “Minimum Rest Period” as shown below.

The required Minimum Rest shall be the greater of the value from the table and the preceding Duty Period.


For the purpose of Minimum Rest Calculation, Time Zone differences are being considered in the following manner:

If between the place where the FDP starts and the place where the FDP ends, there is a Time Zone difference of 4 hours or more, the Minimum Rest shall be increased by 2 hours. This rule shall not apply if the following FDP is planned to end at the original Time Zone (± 1h) since the body does not need to adjust to the different Time Zone.

2. Weekly Rest Period

A Weekly Rest Period of 36h including two local nights has to be scheduled.

There should never be more than 168h between two Weekly Rest Periods.

A Local Night is a period of eight hours falling between 22:00 and 08:00 Local Time. This implies a start period between 22:00 and 24:00.


Periodical Rest Periods

Local Days Off

Local Days Off are a rostering issue. They have to be planned one month in advance. A Local Day is a 24h period commencing at 00:00 Local Time.

  • Per calendar year the operator needs to arrange for at least 96 Local Days Off of any Duties
  • Per calendar month the operator needs to arrange for at least 7 Local Days Off of any Duties