Email Verification for new users

Discover how FL3XX simplifies user creation and enhances security through email verification, ensuring seamless access to our application

The FL3XX system offers a convenient feature for creating new users who will utilize our application. When you create a new user on the Persons page, it is essential to assign specific access rights and provide their email address with the setup of the initial password. More about access rights you can find here

Once these details are saved within the FL3XX system, an email verification link will be sent to the respective user. This verification link serves as a confirmation of their email address and their acceptance of the account creation within the FL3XX platform.

In case the email verification link is not received by the intended recipient, there is a "Resend Verification Link" button [1] available. This option can be used to ensure that the verification process is completed successfully.

It's important to note that the user account remains in an inactive state until the email is confirmed. Once the user successfully confirms their email, their account becomes active, granting them access to the FL3XX application by using the initial password set by the administrator.

This seamless email verification process enhances security and ensures that only authorized users gain access to the FL3XX application. 

To enable this feature or receive further assistance, don't hesitate to contact our dedicated support team at