Jet Cards: Streamlined Payment Management for Operators

A comprehensive guide to implementing and managing Jet Cards in FL3XX, offering you a simple solution to manage customer balances and payment for flights.

A. How Does It Work?

The Jet Cards feature in FL3XX, currently tailored exclusively for cash-based cards, revolutionizes how operators manage and utilize customer balances for flight bookings. It provides robust financial management and significantly boosts customer convenience.

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Setting Up Jet Cards

Once the Jet Card feature is enabled, you can begin configuring your cash-based Jet Cards.

Navigate to the Account Page. Within the Account Statement section, you'll find options to add and manage Jet Cards.

Adding Jet Cards:

    • Click on "Add Jet Card" to create a new Jet Card [1]
    • Assign a name to the Jet Card [2] and optionally associate it with specific customers listed in your Account Persons section[3].
    • Add the initial balance of the Jet Card[4] and save your Jet Card[5]

The currency of Jet Cards in FL3XX matches the currency set for the account statement, which is tightly integrated with the operator's main currency for consistent financial management.

Managing Balances

Operators have full control over Jet Card balances to view and adjust Jet Card balances as needed. Add or remove funds [1] directly from the Jet Card to maintain accurate customer-specific balances. All transactions are logged in the Account Statement, providing a complete history of balance changes over time [2]. This comprehensive history provides operators with a clear overview of changes made to Jet Card balances over time.

Integration and Usage

Jet Cards integrate effortlessly into the FL3XX booking system as dedicated payment methods for specific accounts:

Operators can select Jet Cards as payment options during flight bookings on the Sales page [1]. The availability of Jet Cards is dynamically shown based on their assignment to persons within the Jet Card settings. If no specific person is assigned to a Jet Card, it appears as an available payment method whenever the associated account is selected in quotes or bookings.


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To proceed successfully with quoting and booking using Jet Cards, it's essential to have sufficient balance available on the Jet Card. If the balance is inadequate, operators have the option to add funds to the Jet Card or choose an alternative payment method. The system prevents saving a quote with a Jet Card if there are insufficient funds available [2]

Process of deducting Amounts from Jet Cards:

Initiation of Deduction:

    • The system initiates the automatic deduction of the amount from the associated Jet Card balance only once a quote is converted into a booking.
Automatic Deduction:
    • Upon converting a quote to a booking, the system immediately deducts the corresponding booking price from the Jet Card balance associated with the selected payment method.

Invoice Integration:

    • After the deduction, the payment by Jet Card is recorded in the Invoices section of FL3XX.
    • When an invoice is issued to the customer, the system automatically links and confirms the Jet Card payment with that invoice.

This streamlined process ensures that Jet Card payments are seamlessly integrated into the invoicing and financial tracking within FL3XX, providing accurate and efficient management of customer transactions.