Understanding and Using the Transport/Hotel Requirements Feature

This article guides you through the new Transport/Hotel Requirements feature, enabling you to view and manage crew transportation and hotel arrangements within the Roster.

Accessing the Feature

  1. Navigate to the Roster.
  2. Locate and click the "Transport/Hotel Requirements" button (depicted by a car icon).

Using the Feature

Report View:

  • A report-like interface will open in a popup window.
  • Filtering:
    • Select a date range to refine the report.
    • Optionally filter by crew name(s) and/or location.

Information Displayed:

  • Crew Information:
    • Crew code
    • Full name
    • Booking number
    • Tail number
    • Flight number
    • Current arrival station
    • Next departing station
    • Arrival and departing times
    • Service (transport name, hotel name)
    • Notes

  • Data Source:
    • Each duty entry is marked with a small symbol indicating its source: "D" for Dispatch or "R" for Roster.

Transport Details:

  • Positioning From, Positioning To, Positioning Date:
    • For requirements: Shows information about required positioning based on crew schedule logic.
    • For planned: Shows information from planned TRV duties in the Roster or Dispatch transport actual entries.

Hotel Details:

  • Check-in Date, Check-out Date:
    • Displays dates for hotel requirements or actual roster HTC entries.

Threshold for Hotel Requirements:

  • A crew's minimum rest time or more is required to generate a hotel requirement.

Additional Notes:

  • Sorting by column headers is supported.

Planned vs. Required

  • Planned (Show requirements toggle disabled): Displays all detected hotel and transport entries in the system for the selected criteria: Rostered TRV and HTC type of duties or Dispatch actual Transport and Hotel entries.
  • Required (Show requirements toggle enabled): Displays hotel and transport requirements based on crew schedule logic and events.

Toggling Requirements View:

  • Use the "Show requirements" toggle to switch between Planned and Required views.