Sold vs. Booked Itinerary in Sales

In this article we describe how to see a snapshot of the sold itinerary versus the sold one

We introduced the snapshot of the original booking, which contains the data of it at the moment when it was booked. This feature solves the issue of tracking any changes between the time of booking and the actual operation of the booking.



The user now has the opportunity to compare the booked flights with the operated flights and track position leg, aircraft and time changes.

The Sold Itinerary can be found under the same name as on the screenshot. It is collapsed by default.

We also show the aircraft changes in the feasibility section after the booking. We add the registration of the new aircraft to which operations changed the leg.




Additionally, a related report can be generated in FL3XX Bright - Business Intelligence Tool, including estimated times, original and actual aircraft, and modifications in flight legs. (this report is coming soon)