Crew Timeline

The Timeline section displays the duties of crew members in a calendar-view.

Crew location

We display the current location and Home Base of any Crew Member on the left. Making it easier to locate your resources and plan accordingly:

Crew Assignments: change and remove

It's possible to change or remove the pilot assignment on the crew timeline with drag&drop. Simply drag the assigned flight in the pilot lane:

  • To the drop zone on the left to remove the assignment:

  • Or to another pilot to change the crew assignment, where you will see the following display to confirm this new assignment:


Roster events display on the Timeline

At the bottom of the Crew member's line the system displays the roster events. This helps the user to see if a crew member is available on the day of a flight, or what type of roster items they happen to have


Opening an Aircraft and the related Crew from the timeline Flights

  • When the user is on the Timeline / Flights page and selects the "Crew" button the system opens the Timeline / Crew page, places the selected Aircraft to the top of the page and lists all pilots who have the related Type Rating in their Staff record

  • The system also shows the crew member's Roster events, scheduled flights, even if the assignment is on a different aircraft to make it easy for the dispatchers and schedulers to select the right crew