Accounts Module

This page lets you manage all Accounts in the system.

Usually, accounts are tied to Customers. This relation can be set up here. If Customer and Account were created together, e.g. in the Sales Process, they are already related.

Additionally, the page lets you manage Account Data, Contacts, and Addresses.

1 Screen Elements


Make sure you tie all the persons who work for the given company to their accounts. You can also set that on the Persons Module

US Operators:
If the account holder will remit FET, you have the option to select this within the Account's page. 


Discount per Account

If you have negotiated a discount with a customer, you can add it to their account in the system.
Account discount
It will then be included automatically in one of the lines of your pricing calculations for future quotes. 


2 Owner Account

Users with Admin rights can set up the account of an aircraft owner following these steps:

1) Create the user profile for the owner on the Persons page. First, click the green box of +New to add a new person. 


2) Create an account for this person. The best is to name the account the full name of the person. Don't forget to tick the Owner box as a Role. Then, click save. 


3) Select this account as Default Account.

4) Go to the Aircraft page and select the created account for this aircraft as the owner account.