Flights Timeline

The Timeline section displays all your active flights and bookings represented by timelines in a calendar


The main features are: 

  • Choose between Flights or displaying Crew Timeline View, Board View or Bookings.
  • By selecting Flights tab, you get the same options as in Dispatch section for each selected flight.
  • On Crew Tab you will be able to assign crew members by drag-drop, while Board View will display different information.
  • Keep an eye on paid or unpaid bookings in the Bookings tab.

Flights Timeline Tab

The Flights Timeline displays all Aircraft in the horizontal swimlanes. Aircraft are sorted alphabetically and can be filtered by Ops-Team, if Ops-Teams are set up.

For faster navigation you can use the Today-Button or the Date Selector Field.

To adjust the Zoom, you can use the “+” / “-” magnifying glasses, or quick-zoom to Day / Week / Month View.

In Month View, or if you zoom beyond the month level, the timeline will switch to a calendar view that display one block per day indicating whether the plane is flying on this day or not. Single flights will not be displayed in this view.

1. Flight Display

Flights will be displayed in the Timeline with their Overall Flight Status as defined in the Dispatch Page. While Passenger Flights are solid boxes, Positioning Flights are Striped.

  • Between two flights you can see the Airport where the aircraft is between flights.
    Yellow airport display indicates that there are two positioning flights in a row that might be optimized by one direct positioning flight. Click on it will forward you to the Sales Page in order to do so.

Red airport display indicates that there is a schedule disconnect that needs to be fixed. With a click on it, you can fix the disconnect in the Previous or Next flight's Booking. You can also create a standalone positioning flight with its own booking:

  • To save your time, the system selects automatically the Account of the next flight.
  • Underneath the Flight, you see the Departure Time and Routing of the flight.
  • If "Show Crew Duty Selector" is checked, Crew FDP and DP are displayed along with the Crew Rostered on the aircraft.

A red X will be displayed whenever there is an overlap or conflict with the crew's duty.


  • Each flight will have displayed the Registration, Type of Flight, and Number of Passengers (and patients if it's ambulance flight). 
  • If you hover on any flight you’ll see a Tooltip giving you more information about the flight:

- Tail#

- Type of Flight

- Customer details

- Sales Person

- Itinerary and Times in Local and UTC for both planned and actuals

Ambulance Flight (number of patients will be shown as well):


  • Flashing Flights indicate that the Flight is (or should be) currently airborne.

  • Options are indicated with a dashed border like this:


  • Click on any flight, will open underneath all flights of the respective booking. You can work on each element from the Timeline just the same as you would do from the Dispatch Page.

Time Display

Whenever you move the cursor along the timeline, you will be able to see the accurate time that you are working on on top of the timeline.

Aircraft Home base and Current Location


Compact View of Active Aircraft

With this checkbox you will only see the aircraft with flights scheduled in the current period. Scroll to the future or the past and see how the view changes depending on what aircraft is active and has flights scheduled in the period displayed on screen.

Split-View in Crew Timeline View

By ticking the checkbox, split-view, the system displays all available crew for all or a subset of your aircraft.

At planning stage, you can use this tool to find and optimize the right pilot for every mission. You can filter the aircraft by ops-team or tail number. 

FL3XX will display underneath all pilots that are trained to fly the(se) aircraft. Including other possible assignments, assigned duties from the roster and the resulting Flight Time Limitations. All the information you need to find the right pilot at any moment.

Coloring system:

Before departure, the flight should be green - all set.

The color changes when the scheduled departure time passes, and no Departure Movement Message has been sent - the system assumes the flight is late, indicating it in this sequence:

  • yellow from ETD to ETD + 15min
  • red from ETD + 15min to ETD + 30min
  • flashing red after ETD + 30min

This sequence is interrupted by sending the movement message, which sets the color to green.

2. Aircraft Activities

Moving the mouse in any day of Timeline, you will find a little "+" icon in the top right corner of the cell; clicking on it allows you to:

1. Create a new flight or

2. Add Aircraft Activities and Events like:

  • Scheduled Maintenance Events
  • Unscheduled Maintenance Events
  • Reserved
  • AOG
  • Crew Unavailable
  • Note
  • Flight (dummy); Please note - it's only a fictitious flight as a placeholder. Dummy flights can't be found in Sales, Dispatch, Reports, etc. They don't count to any aircraft statistics. Including Start date/time and End date/time.

All Maintenance events on the Timeline will appear in Black, notes will appear in Yellow, and all other events will display in Maroon.


Please learn more about the Maintenance Events from our Maintenance Events in Timeline help page!

Crew Display

On top of the page, you find a checkbox labeled “Crew”. Checking this box enables you to visualize assigned crew members and duty time forecast as displayed in the screenshot below.

* Due to performance reasons this feature is limited to -1 day and +7 days from the current time represented on the Timeline. 

* Due to performance reasons this feature is limited to 35 aircraft or less. Please use Ops-Team filters if you have more aircraft.

  • By hovering over the Duty Forecaster, the exact calculations are shown 


  • Actual DP & FDP: The Duty Period and Flight Duty Period as forecasted based on the current schedule; in case of an exceeding the MAX Allowed Period, Actual DP or FDP is highlighted in red.
  • Max FDP: The Maximum Allowed FDP
  • Rest: Required rest after Actual FDP: The required Minimum Rest period for the crew after undertaking next Duty, based on the current schedule.

Hide Subcharter Flights

Per Ops-Teams you can hide any Subcharter Flights with:

3. Crew FTL/ DTL

You can directly open the Crew FTL panel when you click on the Flight Time Limitations visualization in the timeline.


Coloring system:

Green: valid duty periods 

Red: violations 

Yellow: when the current duty period is getting close to its limit. To be precise: Closer than 10%. 

Minimum rest time violation: We highlight this with a very visible ❌

* Alert set-up when FTL becomes invalid

Things change quickly - especially in the preparation of your schedules. You have the option to automatically reset the status of your FTL checks to "DO" in case any of your changes created an FTL violation.
Delayed Flights
When a flight gets a delay and an estimated time departure (ETD) is added the system shows the delay with a RED line below the flight. When the Post Flight is added and there still is a delay the system will keep the RED line according to the added final times.
If you're working in a high-pressure environment, use this as an additional warning to keep you on the legal side! Ask in order to activate that feature for you!
Match Available Crew to Aircraft
The new visual indicator on the timeline in the Roster Module allows you to easily view crew availability against specific aircraft. When enabled, the indicators, complete with crew roles and 3 letter name codes, will provide you with the following overview:

First go to Roster and add an ON duty for your crew, selecting a position and the desired aircraft.
In Timeline/Flights now the Crew bar will show up and the Crews who have assigned a ON duty on that a/c will show up with their position.
Yellow: The number of crew assigned as 'On duty' is less than the number of crew required for the planned aircraft, based on the aircraft's configuration

Green: All positions are fulfilled
Additionally, hovering over the indicator will display full names and roles, and you can even customize your colors for a more personalized experience in line with your brand. 

 SuperAdmins can activate this feature and change the indicator colors in the Timeline section of the Settings.