Tracking Roster Changes with the History Icon

The History icon in Roster grants you access to a detailed log of changes made to the schedule. Stay informed and improve collaboration by understanding who, when, and how the roster evolved.

Accessing the History

  1. Locate the History icon (clock symbol) in the Roster toolbar.
  2. Clicking the icon opens the History panel in a pop-up window.

Understanding the Interface:

  • Change List: Displays the 15 most recent changes to the roster in chronological order. Scroll down to load more entries.
  • Filtering:
    • Date Range: Select a specific date range to refine the displayed changes.
    • Crew Member: Choose a crew member to view their specific roster modifications.
    • Duty: Filter by duty type to focus on specific changes.

Detailed Change Information:

Each change entry includes:

  • Crew Code & Name: Affected crew member(s).
  • Duty Type: Type of duty where the change occurred.
  • Previous & New Values: Details of the modification made (e.g., flight assignment change, duty time update).
  • Timestamp & User: Date and time of the change, along with the user who made it.


  • Improved Transparency: Track who made changes to the roster and understand their reasoning.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Facilitate communication and accountability among Roster users.
  • Reduced Errors: Identify and rectify potential scheduling mistakes efficiently.
  • Streamlined Workflow: Gain valuable insights into roster evolution and optimize future planning.