Passenger Tax Germany

German Aviation Tax Act (Luftverkehrssteuergesetz - LuftVStG) and Aviation Security Fee (LuftSiG)

The rates of tax of the German Aviation Tax Act are based on the distance to the place of destination and are divided into three distance bands charged per passenger.
Applicable rates and conditions you can find below:

Distance band / Distance Tax rate
Domestic flights, EU member states, EU candidate countries, EFTA member states and third countries lying within the same distance band (in particular Turkey, Russia, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria)
- Reference to the list of countries in Annex 1 to the LuftVStG -
15.53 EUR
Countries not listed in Annex 1 and up to a distance of 6,000 kilometres (other North and Central African countries, Arab countries, countries of Central Asia)
- Reference to the list of countries in Annex 2 to the LuftVStG -
39.34 EUR
Countries not named in either Annex 1 or 2 to the LuftVStG 70.83 EUR

The Aviation Security Fee applies to specific airports and is charged per passenger.
- Reference to airports and applicable fees -