Account Statement

FL3XX's Account Statement feature delivers comprehensive insights into open bookings and invoices, allowing management of financial information, in one convenient location

A. How does it work?

The Account Statement feature in FL3XX operates as a centralized financial hub on the Account page, providing a user-friendly interface for managing open bookings and invoices.

The Account Statement section is available by default to every user who has access to the Account page.

This feature allows users to access and organize crucial financial information associated with specific accounts. The intuitive design facilitates easy navigation, while the inclusion of filters, sorting options, and collapsible/expandable invoice details ensures a personalized and efficient user experience.

With the ability to export comprehensive reports, users can effortlessly track their account's overall financial status and make informed decisions within the FL3XX platform.

It's crucial to note that the Account Statement relies solely on invoices and payments documented within FL3XX for each booking, utilizing the platform's existing features exclusively.

You can access this feature on the Accounts Module [1], under the Account Statement section [2].

Account Statement Overview:

Primary information centers around providing an account summary:

  • Total Invoices Issued [1] - Displays the count of invoices issued for a specific account.
  • Total Amount Invoiced [2] - Represents the cumulative value of invoices generated for a specific account.
  • Total Amount Paid [3] - Reflects the overall sum paid by a specific account.
  • Total Amount Outstanding [4] - Indicates the total outstanding amount yet to be paid by a specific account based on issued invoices.

Account Statement Breakdown:

FL3XX provides a tabular presentation for a detailed breakdown of each booking invoice, offering convenient filtering options to display specific time periods [1], initially set to the last 12 months by default. You have the flexibility to adjust the time frame, apply filters to view outstanding invoices exclusively [2], and sort the table view based on specific columns whenever needed [3]. 

The Account Statement is maintained in the primary currency of the operator. In occasional instances involving currency exchanges, such as bookings in a different currency than that of the operator, there may be rare occurrences where small discrepancies arise in the total values. It's essential to be aware that these discrepancies are infrequent and typically arise due to currency exchange considerations, ensuring transparency in financial reporting within FL3XX.

In addition, the Account Statement feature includes a convenient option to export the overall account statement information to a CSV file [4].


The table view in the Account Statement mirrors the layout and functionality of the panel you find on the Sales page, providing a seamless and familiar experience when viewing and managing invoices along with associated payments in the booking context. This intentional design ensures that users who are already acquainted with the Sales page can effortlessly transition to using the Account Statement without the need for extensive relearning, offering a consistent and user-friendly experience across FL3XX modules.