Customizable Passenger Preferences

Passenger preferences are customizable in FL3XX. You can set up additional fields next to the defaults, or change them completely as you like! 

Depending on your desired setup detailed pax information can be available under tooltips placed in the Sales, Dispatch-Pax, or Dispatch-Catering section(s).

Setup of the fields:
Navigate to the Settings -> Persons tab ->Preferences

Screenshot 2023-01-23 at 10.00.19Screenshot 2023-01-23 at 11.04.20

Under Persons section, you can find already existing default fields with specific configurations:

- Interests
- Catering
- Important
- Commercial
- Covid
- Favourite foods
- Allergy info
- Concierge notes

Each of the checkboxes is controlling the display of preferences across our web and mobile applications:

7 Pax - when this option is selected for a field then specified information will be available under Dispatch-Pax .


7 Catering - specified passenger preferences are available in Dispatch-Catering.

7 Sales - preferences are displayed on the Sales page for added Customer.


7 Important - selecting this option alerts about very important information to be considered with a caution icon next to preferences.



All preferences are integrated with our mobile apps! Keep your crew always up to date!