FL3XX: TSA Secure Flight Final Rule Compliance Is Here!

FL3XX introduces new features aligning with TSA Secure Flight Final Rule, simplifying passenger data submission and enhancing aviation security compliance. Visit FL3XX.com for more information.

If you've ever wondered how aviation companies keep flights safe and comply with strict security regulations, here's some insight into what we've been working on!

We've just rolled out a key enhancement to FL3XX , fully aligning it with the TSA's Secure Flight Final Rule. This update enables operators to manage passenger data and TSA screening directly within FL3XX, representing the most straightforward approach to shutting the door on unauthorized passengers and ensuring every flight meets the highest security standards.

Why is this important? The TSA requires that specific passenger information be collected and transmitted to prevent Individuals on no-fly lists from boarding aircraft, and ensure that those on the selectee lists are subject to additional screening procedures. It's all about enhancing national security and making sure travel is as safe as can be.

So, to help you meet the TSA's Secure Flight Final Rule requirements, we've introduced several new features in FL3XX:

  • One-Click Submission: Now, submitting passenger information to the TSA is as simple as a single click. It’s all about making compliance smooth and hassle-free.
  • Real-Time Status Indicators: Our updated system includes a "traffic light" status indicator that alerts users immediately about the status of their submissions—green means all good, red flags any issues.
  • Timely Updates: We keep an eye on submission deadlines to ensure all data is submitted within the 72-hour requirement.
  • Automated Change Tracking: Changes in bookings? No problem. Our platform tracks these and notifies operators if re-submission of passenger data is needed.

Our commitment at FL3XX is to provide solutions that meet and exceed regulatory standards, ensuring that you are always ahead of compliance requirements and can operate with assurance in a secure environment.

The new features are now available to all FL3XX users with the latest version of the platform. For more information or get started with FL3XX, visit www.FL3XX.com or contact our Sales team.

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