For centuries, flying was an unattainable dream...

...a desire unfulfilled since humans first watched birds soar through the sky. But thanks to the ingenuity, determination, and perseverance of two bicycle mechanics in 1903, this dream became a reality, followed by a rapid succession of technological advancements, from the first jet flight to the first moon landing.

Flying was a symbol of freedom, a symbol of progress.

However, the thrill and excitement of flying was smothered by a growing pile of regulations and bureaucracy. Flying became a chore, rather than a joy.

FL3XX is here to change that. We automate the tedious work of bureaucracy and make flying fun and effortless again. FL3XX is your partner in compliance, freeing you from the hassle and headaches of regulations.

With FL3XX, flying is not just a symbol of progress, but once again, a symbol of freedom.

Founders & Leadership

Paolo Sommariva
Co-Founder & CEO


Stefan Oberender
Co-Founder & COO


Artsiom Anisimau


Vlad Condratov
VP Sales


Filip Ranebo
VP Marketing


Elizabeth Tombers
Head of Customer Care


Jesel Deleña
Head of Customer Care EMEA & APAC



Our Team




We come and work from all corners of the world and thrive on our cultural differences and opinions. Whether we work from our office is Vienna or remotely, we all bring a common understanding of what needs to be done:

Save time in your operation and make flying fun again.