Digitize, Optimize, and Automate Your Aviation Operations

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Global Reach

6 Continents, 35 Countries, 100+ FTL rules, FL3XX has adapted and qualified for localized regulations around the world: Europe, Middle East, Asia, North America.


100+ Integrated Services

Marketplaces, reporting, crew, weather, catering, trip support, compliance, maintenance, and much more: Leading the market in connected services.


250K+ Flights

Dispatched annually through FL3XX, with maintenance, logs, flight tracking, and resource planning, enabling faster and efficient management.

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Millions of Sales Quotes

Since our founding in 2010, FL3XX has been the backbone of the digitized, automated, and optimized global business aviation operation.

"With the challenges of managing constant schedule changes in Ops, FL3XX’s ability to simplify these complexities through one-click operations and automated solutions is a true benefit."

Flight Operation Manager - FAI Aviation Group