We are FL3XX

Helping you to automate and optimize your aviation business.

At FL3XX, we solve the biggest problem in business aviation:
How to save time in your daily workflow.

We do this with a global team of aviation enthusiasts including aerospace engineers, aviation software designers, and platform developers supported by product, sales and marketing specialists.

We are on a mission to enable a world where anyone can fly anywhere on short notice. We automate and optimize the entire process, thus enabling you to make quick and informed decisions.

The FL3XX Story 11 Years in the Making

May 2010

First offices - Softwarepark 21, Hagenberg

June 2010

First arrival of office furniture - created space for 25 people

September 2010

First batch of new Macs (we survived with our own, old laptops until then)

May 2011

Globair live simulation of working platform. The team spent days reviewing.

March 2012

We welcome our first lead developer, Artsiom, now CTO

November 2012

The first FL3XX quote is sent by Majestic's sales department

September 2012

First Conference Talk - Malta MBA, on Man-Machine Collaboration

October 2016

Move to our latest offices - Kolingasse, Vienna

January 2019

New brand direction

March 2020

TAB - Technology. Aviation. Business. is born

May 2020

10 years Anniversary

February 2021

2 millionth Sales Quote Sent

October 2021

First Booth at NBAA-BACE


From Post-it to Digitize-it

We are not big fans of Post-its (though orange ones are ok).

That was also the case ten years ago when we started to digitize business aviation. It was clear that Post-its were one of the many things we sought to remove by building FL3XX.

In the early days, we tried a few steps on several paths. For example, we built a fully-functional agent-based fleet optimizer. We tried it on Globeair's fleet and we proved a 19% reduction in flight hours.

But the right path was clearly the longest and most difficult one: building a full-featured backend platform.

Early Growth

Over the first years we built out hundreds of features, but few would listen. Everyone wanted something different so we became very good at devising industry best practices.

We signed up some great operators who wanted to innovate but bad luck hit us repeatedly: Hangar 8, Privatair, EuropStar.

Scaling Up

Since 2018 the world has changed. Business aviation has turned the page as young professionals join in and question the lack of online tools.

SaaS is now 10+ years old. Many are out to completely remove post-it notes, Excel sheets, and emails. That's why now, we sign up several operators weekly and accelerate the digitization, automation, and optimization of business aviation.

Next 10 years

We have built over 1000 features, connected to more than 100 external systems, and have grown the team to 40 amazing, young, and smart professionals full of energy.

The interesting part is the expansion from here: building resources to enable business aviation players to work in adjacent markets for cargo, ambulance, and any other permitted activity.

The ultimate goal is to seamlessly connect all the players, including airports and FBOs, authorities, brokers, fuel providers, and anyone participating in the market. Real-time connectivity is the main driver of economies of scale for this industry and we are that enabler.

Meet Our Team

The FL3XX team comes and works from all corners of the world. We are a truly global organization and thrive on our cultural differences and opinions. Whether we work from our office in Vienna or remotely, we all bring a common understanding of what needs to be done:

Save time in your daily operations.


Paolo Sommariva


Stefan Oberender


Artsiom Anisimau


Customer Success & Product

Andras Simon

Customer Success

Jesel Deleña

Customer Success

Adrian Banciov

Customer Success

Daniel Stancu

Customer Success

Liese Weintögl

Customer Success

Adrian Falborski

Customer Success

Adrian Casillas

Customer Success

Simon Riha


Krzysztof Modlinski


Majo Perez

Product Management

Vicky Lee

Product Management


Armin Wurzinger


Sergei Tomin


Radomir Mladenovic


Tanya Tomina


Gergely Iván


Omid Ghiasi


Ivan Vasilyev


Christoph Wammerl


Leili Vakili


Pascal Adomako

Mobile Dev (Android)

Igor Magurean

Mobile Dev (iOS)

Jordan Pichler

Mobile Dev (iOS), UI/UX Design

Giacomo Esquerré

Mobile Dev (iOS), UI/UX Design

Sales & Marketing

Vlad Condratov


Malika Kurbanova


Viara Iordanova


Dennis Göppel


Sebastiano Genovese


Filip Ranebo



Crina-Elena Cazan

Office Manager

Phillip Geier

Mobility Designer

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