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We built a platform to make the difference in private and business aviation.
Sales, dispatch, operations, training, flight and every other department of an on-demand flight operation has no good system to rely upon. Everyone is constantly struggling to coordinate actions with everyone else.  It's a nightmare every day.

So we dreamed up a way that would make it easy to sync everyone and serve their needs.  An easy-to-use source of actionable information and internal communication. FL3XX covers the entire workflow from the moment your customer calls, through every step, until he leaves the airport at the final destination - satisfied.

Ultimately your passengers pay the bill.  They are not impressed by on-time takoffs.  Nor by perfect slots, permits and customs clearances.  They are not impressed by full compliance to safety regulations.  But they are impressed by the small things they can measure:  The food, the caring smile of flight attendants, the details.

FL3XX reduces your workload so you can make that difference.
And what we don't cover ourselves, we integrate with other service providers.  Flight planning, catering database, ETS can all be integrated on demand.
FL3XX is the platform to keep everyone on the same page.


Everything you need to tune up your entire management, sales, operations, flight departments. In one box.


We give you the numbers.

Tables, charts that show your performance in real time.  See what everyone is doing.  Check your customers' activity and follow your sales results.  Stay vigilant on your KPIs.

If you want to know everything about your business all the time this is for you.


Close the deal.  Now.

All the facts are right there in front of you.  The automated scheduler checks feasibility of the flights and prices them in 1 second.  React on the go with your phone or tablet - you can use our system anywhere.

Reply to your customers in 1 minute and close the deal before anyone else has a chance.


Perfect flights.  All the time.

Slash your email traffic and stop looking for details.  Get rid of those single-purpose excel sheets.  We integrate all the services in one screen so you can do the whole job without copy & paste.

Having your flights in control at all times will give you a strange sense of relaxation.  Enjoy with our compliments.


A Software Platform Built For Performance. Rock Solid.

Mission Critical

We know just how complex and ever-changing it is to dispatch and operate business and private flights.  Your customers expect perfection and you face last-minute challenges all the time.  If you should rely on a control center you transpose those expectations.  You need a reliable system that will simplify your life and never let you down.

That's why we created FL3XX.  The online system that will serve you H24 wherever you are.  And if you do get stuck you will always have someone to call for help.

Easy To Use

You work with a computer all day and on the go and you use your tablet or your phone.  You have to lookup information, figure out what your colleagues did or missed and finally call the shots and execute very quickly.

That's where we come in.  FL3XX is a pleasure to use.  It gives you all the info right there.  Large display or tiny display.   Mouse or finger.   Desktop, laptop, tablet, phone.   It does not matter.

In 10 minutes you will know how to use FL3XX.

Technologically Cutting Edge

The entire platform is built by us.  We did not take any shortcuts.  We started with a blank slate and your requirements for the ideal user experience.  We spent years programming it and we continue today to improve and enrich with new features.

We only use open-source technologies because we believe in the community of thousands of developers who, like us, improve the tools we use everyday to develop.  We also believe in the freedom to switch to another platform anytime, and this can only be done in the open world of software.


This is a big and growing issue.  This is why we encrypt all information that travels over the net.  All the data you keep in databases is stored securely in many different ways.

We have a dedicated IT department whose task is to ensure security, uptime, speed.  In this order.  While to-date we had no attacks directed specifically to our servers, we have seen dozens of generic security breach attempts and have come out unscathed.  We know however we cannot relax on this front, so we continuously upgrade our technologies to stay abreast of cutting edge hacking techniques.

Cloud Powered

In mid-2014 we decided that cost and reliability of cloud services was sufficient to support our 24/7 service. We spent the summer re-writing the core code so that it could run over a cluster of servers in the cloud.

Since November we run the FL3XX system over 4 separate servers with 3 separate providers including our own infrastructure.  Auto-fallback systems ensure that the downtime of any 2 servers will not be noticeable by users.

Always On

In the past year we had 99.999% uptime. We are proud of this result.  We also know we built a solid system to achieve that.  We are the only provider in the world of aviation that guarantees you uptime and availability of our service.

Besides just doing a good job we also watch for oustide accidents that could happen to the internet, or to our servers.  For instance we use content delivery networks to further speed your access, denial of server (DoS) attack shields, and other tools that improve security and help us guarantee we're online 24/7.


The platform connects to any other sytem.  If you have a specific system you want to integrate we are happy to do it.  Several external systems such as Eurocontrol, Avinode, RocketRoute and many more are already connected to FL3XX.


Everyone is connected.

Your assets and people are scattered across countries and offices.  The workflow is complex.  Supplier costs are unpredictable.  You live the daily CEO's nightmare keeping tabs of your business.  This is why we exist.

Your job just got simpler and more effective.  Real time reporting, daily P&L, top customers of the month and much more.  All in one place.  All in one click.

Paper trails are impossible to track timely.  With  FL3XX you can have your team follow up on each detail without ever entering any data.  We'll even link in your accounting system so you can reconcile services requested and exploited with invoices and payments.  Reports also provide you with real-time pulse of the situation.

Charter sales are a fast moving job.  FL3XX enables the sales team to respond immediately to all requests so you beat the competition every time.  Auto-scheduling, auto-pricing, one-click send let you focus on the customer while the computer does the legwork.

Eliminate all those single-purpose excel sheets and internal emails.  Prepare flights in one window where you setup everything and the you send it directly to every recipient - without your email client. 

Travel management made simple.  You have all the information about flights and crews in one place and you can add travel arrangements directly.  We even integrate the system with your favorit booking engine.

Schedule courses, register participants, take presence roll, print test forms, give marks and certificates. The entire training workflow in a single package.  What's more is the flight scheduler knows crew qualifications and does the right thing.

Automagically send quotes, contracts and even movement messages to your customer.  The system does all the legwork so your customer gets timely attention.

Add transparency to your operations and let the aircraft owner answer his questions in real time.  Where is my aircraft?  How many hours did I charter last week?  Is it available next week?  Online reports that tell the whole story without taking up your time.

You can see your schedule in real-time.  No need to call Ops or wait for emails.  All the details about your missions are always available and up to date.

Crew at-a-glance. See all crew information together: Duty times, qualifications, schedules. See exceedances, expirations and trainings. Change, update, notify. All the work in one place. It does not get better than this.

You can see the whole story of your aircraft's activity, take fast decisions and answer all questions. With just one tool.

FBOs can view and reply to your Ops requests online, without email. The conversations is simpler. This way they also have notifications of all events in real time so nobody is off-sync.


We LOVE our customers. They love us back. It's awesome!


Great companies that add value to FL3XX


We'll give you a tour of the app and show you in minutes how your business can improve

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