Crew App - Flight Details Items

The items included on the flight details are the following:

  • From / To: contains Airport information such as Longest Runway, Fire Category, etc.
  • Crew: All crew scheduled on the flight, augmented crew and flight attendants included.
    • In this panel, crews can place a call or send an e-mail to other crew members assigned to the same flight without ever leaving the crew app. To use this, make sure that crews have set their "Contacts" ("Mobile" and "E-Mail" fields) in the "Persons" tab. The "Mobile (Private)" and "E-Mail (Private)" field values stay hidden from other crew members.

crew app - fligth details

  • PAX: the PAX information includes passport numbers, gender, contact numbers, and other relevant details. The PAX panel displays passenger and luggage weights. If you have an Ambulance flight, there is a dedicated section for Patients, allowing you to differentiate between different types of passengers on board. Additionally, the crew can use this panel to board passengers.
    • To add new passengers on the boarding feature, simply click "Add new passenger". You can then fill in the passenger details manually or use the integrated passport scanner in your app for convenience.

    • Please note that if the number of passengers on the boarding list reaches the seat limit or exceeds the flight's capacity, attempting to add more passengers will trigger a warning in the app. In such cases, you won't be able to add additional passengers until the number of passengers or the passenger list is updated by your dispatch or sales teams in the booking or flight settings.
    • You can also Board Passengers and use the Passport Scanner in the Crew App. See more details in Crew App - Additional Features.
  • Handler (FBO in the US): this is the place to see the details of services that were ordered, or confirmed by a handling or FBO agent.
  • Transp: if crew transportation is ordered, you will see the details here.
  • Hotac: your hotel confirmation details.
  • Catering: all details of the ordered catering for the flight, including the supplier with contact details.
  • Migration: dispatch checked that all immigration requirements are fulfilled and all required documentation is sent.
  • Customs: same as above.
  • Slot / PPR: you can find here the status of the items and also the related numbers if dispatch added them.
  • Permits: same as the Slot / PPR.
  • FPL: in this section dispatch will let you know if the FPL is filed & confirmed and displays another base FPL information.
  • W&B: shows the status of the weight and balance calculation. Find more details in Flight Plan and Weight & Balance.
  • Fuel: here you can find the details of the ordered fuel from the provider to the payment method
  • MVT: dispatch will add the movement details here and you can check after the flight
  • Post Flt: all details can be added now in the same way as in the web app detailed descriptions are in the next two chapters. See more details in Crew app Post-Flight and Deicing Data
  • Deice: all details can be added now in the same way as in the web app detailed descriptions are in the next two chapters. See the instructions in Crew app Post-Flight and De-icing Data
  • CAMO: in this section, you can find the upcoming maintenance details of the aircraft
  • HIL/MEL: Crew can check the Hold Item List in the HIL section of the Crew app. In this panel, they will be able to see the Due date, due hours, and due Cycles along with additional information and limitations. if any issue is added to the Tech Log previously, they will be displayed here.
  • Recap: a final overview of the main details of the flight. You can also Select and Share Multiple Flight Documents. See the instructions in Crew App - Additional Features.