Crew App - Additional Features

Selecting and Sharing Multiple Flight Documents

In the "Recap" section of the app, you can now long-press on a document to reveal checkboxes next to all documents. You can select multiple files at once and access a new bottom menu with various options.

The bottom menu lets you close it, deselect all documents, and hide checkboxes using the "X" button. There's also a box to select all documents instantly. Tapping the arrow icon opens the native share sheet where you can choose a mail app, save files, and more. The subject and body fields are automatically pre-filled when selecting a default mail app.

By effortlessly selecting and sharing multiple documents, you can streamline your flight preparation, easily access files, and share them with handlers or compile them into a single folder.

Board Passengers and Passport Scanner in Crew App

Crews can board and add new passengers on the spot via the Crew App. Open the app and on the schedule page, tap on the flight you are boarding passengers. From the menu select Pax, and then go to Boarding, where you will find the list of passengers to board.

Dispatchers immediately see whether all passengers have arrived and boarded the aircraft. In case there has been a change, they will get notified and can run the new passenger against a no-fly list, or other internal checks and approve the change. They can re-confirm the outcome to the crew, which will be notified via a push message.

To add a new passenger to a flight, Crews can now simply scan the passport of the passenger.

When you need to add a passenger to a flight that is not booked on the flight, you can do so with the crew app. First, search for the passenger's name. If the passenger is not in your database, you can create him with "+ Add new passenger".
To make data entry as easy as possible, you can scan the passport or ID of the passenger. Check the pre-filled data and save it.
If the passenger list for a flight is complete in the web app, you may not be able to add new passengers using the mobile app. This is because adding a new passenger would require removing an existing passenger from the web app, which is not possible.
However, if you need to add a new passenger to the flight, you can contact your sales or dispatch team to request that a current passenger be removed from the list. This will free up a spot for the new passenger to be added.
*Remark: The passport scanner is capable of scanning ID cards and other documents that have an MRZ (Machine Readable Zone). 

Offline mode

You have two methods for downloading flights for offline use in the Crew app:

  1. Click and open the flight: Each time you open a flight by clicking on the flight cell, the flight will be updated and downloaded automatically.

  2. Swipe left and press 'Download': A status information bar will appear on the flight. To update the flight, you can click on 'Update'. To download the flight again, you can select "Download" or view the flight details stored on the local storage by clicking on the “Details” button.

The offline mode feature allows you to access and use the app without an internet connection. All flight data is available for download, ensuring uninterrupted access to critical information. The app includes mechanisms to resolve any data conflicts that may arise when you sync your updates (after editing fields online or reconnecting to the internet).

If a conflict is detected due to changes made while offline or without syncing, the app provides options to resolve the conflict by highlighting the changes made and allowing you to approve or reject them (available soon).

With FL3XX's offline mode, you can access vital flight data even in areas with limited or no internet connectivity, ensuring a seamless experience and uninterrupted access to critical information.

Flight Release in Crew App

We display in the Crew App when a flight has been submitted to release or released.

Crews already receive a push notification when a flight has been released. We are improving the display of flights with the release status. Crews will see whether a flight has been submitted to release (in yellow) or has been released (in green).

Flight Release Status is:

  • X - DO/Red
  • S - REQ/Yellow
  • Checkmark - OK/Green
  • N - Private flight/Grey