Crew App - Additional Features

Features include managing expenses, transferring tabs, downloading multiple flights, sharing multiple documents, passenger boarding with passport scanning, and flight release status.

Managing Expenses in the Crew App

The FL3XX Crew App simplifies the management of expenses for flight crew members by providing an intuitive interface for adding and tracking expenses related to flights. Crew members can efficiently add, edit, and manage expenses directly from their mobile devices, ensuring seamless integration with the FL3XX web application.

To add an expense to your flight, simply go to the FBO, Transp., Hotac, Catering,  or Post Flt tabs in the Crew App. At the bottom of the page, you'll see a bar and button labeled "Add Expense." Tap on this button to open the expense form. You can also see the total number of expenses already added for the flight, and if you click on it, you will see detailed information about each expense.


Filling Out the Expense Form: When filling out the expense form, you will need to choose the type of expense, enter the amount, and assign it to the appropriate category, which is now labeled as "Category" for better clarity. The best part is that the app automatically assigns the cost type based on the page you are on, ensuring that your expenses are categorized correctly without you having to manually input this information.  Adding attachments to the expense is easy - you can either select files from your device or scan documents directly. The Crew App supports multiple attachments, allowing you to provide detailed expense reporting. Once you save an expense, it is immediately synchronized with the related page on the web application, maintaining consistency across all platforms.

A new section called "Items" has been recently added to the Crew App. When you tap on the "Add item" button, a slide-up window will appear where you can enter all the necessary details about the item. Once you save an item, you have the flexibility to edit or delete it as needed. However, it's important to note that the "Save" button will remain disabled until the total price of all items matches the net price. This requirement is in place to provide clarity and ensure accuracy in expense reporting.

If you want to learn more about managing expenses on the FL3XX app, we recommend checking out our article on How to Add a Trip Expense

Selection of Multiple Flights & Documents

Following up the successful implementation of the Selecting and Sharing Multiple Flight Documents feature, we are excited to announce another new feature that enables pilots to easily manage their flight documents. With the multi-flight selection feature in the FL3XX Crew App, pilots can now select multiple flights from their upcoming schedule and access all relevant documents, such as the Crew Briefing and GenDec. They can then choose to send these files via email, share them with a handler, or combine them into a single folder. This feature offers a convenient and efficient solution for pilots who rely on the FL3XX Crew App for all their flight-related needs, providing a seamless replacement for PPS Crew briefing.

To access the feature for sharing flight documents, go to the "..." menu on the Calendar & Duties page and select "Share Flight Docs". Once you click on it, you will be directed to the "Share Flight Docs" page where you can view flights that are scheduled to depart within the next 48 hours (24 hours for the Dispatch App). By clicking on a flight cell, you can expand it to display the relevant documents associated with that particular flight.

In order to select multiple flights and documents, it is necessary to download the flights first. You can easily download a flight by using the button located on the left side of the flight cell.

To choose the documents you wish to share, simply click on the checkbox next to the document. Additionally, you have the option to preview the document by using the Preview button.

You can then utilize the sharing menu options to choose all the documents or select your preferred method of sharing.

Downloading flights for Offline and Airplane Mode

You have two methods for downloading single flights for offline use in the Crew app:

  1. Click and open the flight: Each time you open a flight by clicking on the flight cell, the flight will be updated and downloaded automatically.

  2. Swipe left and press 'Download': A status information bar will appear on the flight. To update the flight, you can click on 'Update'. To download the flight again, you can select "Download" or view the flight details stored on the local storage by clicking on the “Details” button.

You can also download multiple flights by using the "Download Flights" option, which can be found by clicking on the "..." icon on the top right of the Calendar and Duties screens. This feature allows you to download and store flight information easily.

You have the option to quickly select flights for the next 24, 48, or 72 hours, or you can choose a specific date range in the future to download the flights you need. Please note that you cannot download past flights or more than 3 days.

After selecting the flights you want to download and pressing "Download Flights," you will see a progress bar that informs you of the download status. Suppose you have already downloaded a flight using either the "Download Flights" option or the single download button. In that case, you will have the option to update all of your downloaded flights by clicking on the "Update Downloaded Flights" button. It's important to note that this feature only updates flights scheduled for today and in the future to prevent unnecessary resource usage.

If you decide to cancel the download of flights, it will only cancel the flights that are currently in the downloading queue. When you log out of the app or force-close the app on Android, all downloaded app documents and flight documents will be removed. 

Additional information:

The download limit for flights is 30 on iOS and 10 on Android devices.

The offline mode feature allows you to access and use the app without an internet connection. All flight data is available for download, ensuring uninterrupted access to critical information.

With FL3XX's offline mode, you can access vital flight data even in areas with limited or no internet connectivity, ensuring a seamless experience and uninterrupted access to critical information.

Selecting and Sharing Multiple Flight Documents

In the "Recap" section of the app, you can now long-press on a document to reveal checkboxes next to all documents. You can select multiple files at once and access a new bottom menu with various options.

The bottom menu lets you close it, deselect all documents, and hide checkboxes using the "X" button. There's also a box to select all documents instantly. Tapping the arrow icon opens the native share sheet where you can choose a mail app, save files, and more. The subject and body fields are automatically pre-filled when selecting a default mail app.

By effortlessly selecting and sharing multiple documents, you can streamline your flight preparation, easily access files, and share them with handlers or compile them into a single folder.

Board Passengers and Passport Scanner in Crew App

Crews can board and add new passengers on the spot via the Crew App. Open the app and on the schedule page, tap on the flight you are boarding passengers. From the menu select Pax, and then go to Boarding, where you will find the list of passengers to board.

Dispatchers immediately see whether all passengers have arrived and boarded the aircraft. In case there has been a change, they will get notified and can run the new passenger against a no-fly list, or other internal checks and approve the change. They can re-confirm the outcome to the crew, which will be notified via a push message.

To add a new passenger to a flight, Crews can now simply scan the passport of the passenger.

When you need to add a passenger to a flight that is not booked on the flight, you can do so with the crew app. First, search for the passenger's name. If the passenger is not in your database, you can create him with "+ Add new passenger".
To make data entry as easy as possible, you can scan the passport or ID of the passenger. Check the pre-filled data and save it. When manually entering details, you must fill in four essential fields: Salutation, First Name, Last Name, and Gender. The passenger type is initially determined based on gender, but you have the option to modify it as necessary.
If the passenger list for a flight is complete in the web app, you may not be able to add new passengers using the mobile app. This is because adding a new passenger would require removing an existing passenger from the web app, which is not possible.
However, if you need to add a new passenger to the flight, you can contact your sales or dispatch team to request that a current passenger be removed from the list. This will free up a spot for the new passenger to be added.
*Remark: The passport scanner is capable of scanning ID cards and other documents that have an MRZ (Machine Readable Zone). 

Birthday Notifications

Recognizing the importance of personal touches, we've integrated a Birthday Notification feature into our mobile apps. This section will guide you through how this feature works, ensuring no passenger's special day goes unnoticed.

  1. Birthday Icon Display: In the Pax tab, a celebratory 🎂 icon appears next to passengers with upcoming birthdays. 

  2. Pre-Birthday Notifications: Crew members receive notifications about an upcoming passenger's birthday X day(s) before the event, with X being adjustable within the Operator settings.
  3. Date Range Customization: Operator settings now include options for setting the birthday notification date range, with defaults of +7 to -7 days, and flexibility ranging from 0 to +9 days before and 0 to -9 days after the birthday.
  4. Display Control Settings: Administrators can control the visibility of birthday icons and messages, ensuring celebrations are in sync with company preferences and the passenger’s time zone. The feature is adaptable, allowing celebrations to be set for birthdays on the flight date or for N days before or after, according to the settings. As time zones change, so do the timing of birthday messages, icons, and animations, ensuring celebrations are always in the correct local time.
  5. Advanced Celebrations: When both +N and -N fields are specified, the advanced feature kicks in, displaying detailed birthday notifications in addition to the icons.
  6. When Fields Are Blank: The Pax birthday feature is disabled to prevent unnecessary notifications. 
  7. Leap Year Consideration: For passengers born on February 29th, celebrations are shifted to February 28th during non-leap years to keep the festivities on track.

For more information on the Settings, please contact our support team.  

Pax Previously Onboard Information

"Pax Previously Onboard Information" is a feature within our mobile application designed to offer users insights into the booking history and summary of passengers previously onboarded. This feature is crucial for personalizing the service and making informed decisions based on past bookings.

How to Access "Pax Previously Onboard Information"?

To access this information, the feature must be enabled within the Operator settings. Here's when and how different pieces of information become visible:

  1. Enabling Pax Information Display:

    • The "Pax Previously Onboard Information" becomes accessible when its setting is switched to true. This action allows the display of the summary section and booking history for each passenger.
  2. Displaying Pricing Information:

    • General Visibility: Pricing details are shown in the History section when the "Pax Previously Onboard Information" is enabled and the "Pricing Information Control" setting is adjusted to "ALL".
    • Restricted Visibility: When the "Pricing Information Control" is set to "Only for Sales", pricing information becomes available exclusively to users holding any role with "QUOTE_QUOTE_READ" or higher. Users without such roles will see the Pax Previously Onboard Information without the pricing details.

Flight Release in Crew App

We display in the Crew App when a flight has been submitted to release or released.

Crews already receive a push notification when a flight has been released. We are improving the display of flights with the release status. Crews will see whether a flight has been submitted to release (in yellow) or has been released (in green).

Flight Release Status is:

  • X - DO/Red
  • S - REQ/Yellow
  • Checkmark - OK/Green
  • N - Private flight/Grey