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Initiating HIL/MEL Items in the Mobile Crew App for Approval by Maintenance

In this article we discuss how the crew can initiate a HIL/MEL (discrepancy, or squak) item in the mobile app and how maintenance can approve, or decline it

In order to activate the feature, an Admin user needs to activate it in the Settings, by selecting the "Pilot can initiate HIL/MEL item" setting

The pilot can initiate the item under the HIL/MEL tab by clicking on the "Add HIL/MEL item" link. This opens the form, where they can add a description of the issue and add as many documents, scans, or pictures as many are needed. After initiation the item remains visible for the user who created it and can be edited the content. Once the new item is either declined, or approved by maintenance, the user cannot modify it's content anymore.

Once the form is filled out and the crew saves it, a new HIL/MEL form is created in the Aircraft / Maintenance section and an email is sent to the CAMO Alert email address(es). 

When maintenance opens the newly created form, there is only the description and the attachments added by the crew. Maintenance has two options:

  1. If they do not rate the item as a HIL/MEL item they can delete it by selecting the option next to the form
  2. If the item is accepted by maintenance, fill out the form and add a category. this will auto trigger the item to be official

When the new item is approved it will immediately show up in Dispatch under the maintenance panel and also on the mobile app in the HIL/MEL section.