Crew App Introduction

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1. Main Page

When opening the app the list of flights is displayed on which the crew member is scheduled. To give an immediate overview of the flight’s statuses, on the left side we color-code them:

  • White dot: the flight was not yet reviewed by the crew member
  • Green (solid line for passenger flights, striped for positioning flights): all services are confirmed. The flight is good to go. 
  • Red (solid line for passenger flights, striped for positioning flights): dispatch is still working on mission-critical details, and attention is required.
  • Yellow (solid line for passenger flights, striped for positioning flights): some details are not yet confirmed and still need attention by dispatch.
  • Magenta (solid line for passenger flights, striped for positioning flights): dispatch is revising some items concerning this flight. Information might be updated soon. See the details for further information.

Crew app

2. Flight Overview

Tap on the flight you would like to review and in a popup window, all flight-related information appears.

The different dispatch items are also color-coded:

  • Red means that the dispatch or the supplier hasn’t started working on the item
  • Yellow means that the mission-critical item is in progress and dispatch is working on it
  • Green means that the item is fully arranged by dispatch, or by the supplier. For example, all Passenger info is added, or the Services are confirmed.
  • Grey means that the item is not applicable to the flight.

Crew App Flight overview.PNG

Note: Only Crew Notes and Flight Notes are visible on the Crew App.

3. Flight Details

Tap on any of the items and the flight detail page opens.

Basic flight details are displayed on top of the screen when you're viewing the details of a flight or when entering post-flight details. Tap on the details to switch between the flight date and scheduled departure and arrival times.

To navigate through the details, scroll the page left, or right. Each page contains information about both the departure and the arrival Airports. The colored line above the tab on the top of the page applies to the Departure Airport and the line below to the Arrival Airport.

The items are the following:

  • From / To: contains Airport information such as Longest Runway, Fire Category, etc.
  • Crew: All crew scheduled on the flight, augmented crew and flight attendants included.
    • In this panel, crews can place a call or send an e-mail to other crew members assigned to the same flight without ever leaving the crew app. To use this, make sure that crews have set their "Contacts" ("Mobile" and "E-Mail" fields) in the "Persons" tab. The "Mobile (Private)" and "E-Mail (Private)" field values stay hidden from other crew members.

crew app - fligth details

  • PAX: the PAX info includes passport numbers, gender, contact numbers, etc. The PAX panel will display Passenger and luggage weights. The total weights are already visible in the W&B section, thus your crews can get more detail for planning the weight and balance of the flight. Additionally, the crew can board passengers in this panel.
  • Handler (FBO in the US): this is the place to see the details of services that were ordered, or confirmed by a handling or FBO agent.
  • Transp: if crew transportation is ordered, you will see the details here
  • Hotac: your hotel confirmation details.
  • Catering: all details of the ordered catering for the flight, including the supplier with contact details.
  • Migration: dispatch checked that all immigration requirements are fulfilled and all required documentation is sent.
  • Customs: same as above.
  • Slot / PPR: you can find here the status of the items and also the related numbers if dispatch added them.
  • Permits: same as the Slot / PPR.
  • FPL: in this section dispatch will let you know if the FPL is filed & confirmed and displays another base FPL information.
  • W&B: shows the status of the weight and balance calculation. Find more details in Flight Plan and Weight & Balance.
  • Fuel: here you can find the details of the ordered fuel from the provider to the payment method
  • MVT: dispatch will add the movement details here and you can check after the flight
  • Post Flt: all details can be added now in the same way as in the web app detailed descriptions are in the next two chapters. See more details in Crew app Post-Flight and Deicing Data
  • Deice: all details can be added now in the same way as in the web app detailed descriptions are in the next two chapters. See the instructions in Crew app Post-Flight and De-icing Data
  • CAMO: in this section, you can find the upcoming maintenance details of the aircraft
  • HIL/MEL: Crew can check the Hold Item List in the HIL section of the Crew app. In this panel, they will be able to see the Due date, due hours, and due Cycles along with additional information and limitations. if any issue is added to the Tech Log previously, they will be displayed here.
  • Recap: a final overview of the main details of the flight

4. Licenses

Tap on the Licenses on the bottom menu. Here, you can view a comprehensive list of your assignments, recency, and qualifications, including relevant details such as the date of issue, expiration date, and license number.

Please note that access to this information is granted based on certain user roles. Users with Crew, Crew (FA), Crew + Owner, Crew + Persons, Crew Plus, and Crew + Timeline roles will be able to view this section.

If your training department has uploaded a scanned copy of a license, a blue paperclip icon will appear in the header of the license. To view the document, simply tap on the license.

The Licenses section provides a convenient way to keep track of your qualifications and licenses and to access any supporting documentation that may be available.

5. Profile

Tap on the Profile on the bottom menu. On the page, you can find your Account information from personal details to access control. When you tap on the gear wheel on the top right of the screen, in a popup you can select to change your credentials or Logout. Please note that this change will also apply to your access to the system in the FL3XX web app.

6. Board Passengers and Passport Scanner in Crew App

Crews can board and add new passengers on the spot via the Crew App. Open the app and on the schedule page, tap on the flight you are boarding passengers. From the menu select Pax, and then go to Boarding, where you will find the list of passengers to board.

Dispatchers immediately see whether all passengers have arrived and boarded the aircraft. In case there has been a change, they will get notified and can run the new passenger against a no-fly list, or other internal checks and approve the change. They can re-confirm the outcome to the crew, which will be notified via a push message.

To add a new passenger to a flight, Crews can now simply scan the passport of the passenger.

When you need to add a passenger to a flight that is not booked on the flight, you can do so with the crew app. First, search for the passenger's name. If the passenger is not in your database, you can create him with "+ Add new passenger".
To make data entry as easy as possible, you can scan the passport or ID of the passenger. Check the pre-filled data and save it.
*Remark: The passport scanner is capable of scanning ID cards and other documents that have an MRZ (Machine Readable Zone). 

7. Flight Release in Crew App

We display in the Crew App when a flight has been submitted to release or released.

Crews already receive a push notification when a flight has been released. We are improving the display of flights with the release status. Crews will see whether a flight has been submitted to release (in yellow) or has been released (in green).

Flight Release Status is:

  • X - DO/Red
  • S - REQ/Yellow
  • Checkmark - OK/Green
  • N - Private flight/Grey

8. Documents

Tap on the Document on the bottom menu. On the page, you can find your operational documents, manuals, and any other relevant document. You will be able to view and download them, to review them while you are offline.

  • Crew members have the option to select if they want to download the documents:
  1. Only with Wi-Fi

  2. Using their mobile data/LTE

  3. Using their mobile data/LTE only for flight documents

This allows your crews more consideration of bandwidth constraints and roaming costs, especially at remote places.