Crew App - Notifications

FL3XX's Crew App provides crucial notifications for flight assignments, cancellations, amendments, duty requests, and more, ensuring pilots and flight attendants stay informed of changes in real-time.

Flight Assignment

When a crew member is assigned to a flight duty, a notification will be sent to users with the roles of "Pilot" or "Flight Attendant" on the Persons page. This notification is triggered when the "OK" (green button) of Assign is clicked in the Dispatch module of the web app.

Flight Cancellation

A notification will be sent to users with the roles of Pilot or Flight Attendant when a crew member is removed from a flight and the Assign status is marked as 'OK,' or when there is a change of Assign status from 'OK' to any other status, including '-'. This notification can be triggered by either clicking the OK-green button of Assign to change the status or by removing a crew member from a duty in the Dispatch module of the web app.


Flight Amendment / Modified Flight

Users with the role of Pilot or Flight Attendant, who are assigned (OK) and have acknowledged the flight, will receive a notification when there is a change in the flight time, number of passengers, estimated time of departure, or airport change.



Aircraft change

If the aircraft assigned to your flight undergoes any changes, you will receive a notification for updates made through booking, single leg, or timeline modifications, but not for changes in the aircraft's custom positions. If the custom positions are modified, you will receive a flight modification notification instead of an aircraft change notification. However, you will receive an aircraft change notification if the Crew Assign Ok or OK Revised. 

All passengers checked in

To receive a mobile notification when a passenger is marked as "checked in", add the passenger from the crew app and change their boarding status to green on the web app, then save.

PAX OK by Dispatch

When Dispatch marks a passenger as OK on the web app, the crew receives a notification that reads "passengers approved for boarding" once all passengers have been boarded on the flight.

Flight Released

When the Flight Release status is changed from "Do" or “Submit” to "Release" by either the Manager or the Dispatcher, a notification will be sent to users with the roles of "Pilot" or "Flight Attendant" who have been assigned and have acknowledged the flight.

Flight Unreleased

This notification provides updates when a flight's Release status changes, such as when it is released and its status changes from OK to something else.

Duty Request Resolution

The user who requested a duty request receives a mobile notification when the staff approves or denies the request.

In-App notifications

In-app notifications are visible when the user is actively using the Crew app, and for each status update, live updates are shared through in-app notifications, which appear in green to alert the user of any changes.

These notifications are designed to make sure that users are always aware of any changes on all flights that they are assigned to.

Rich Notifications

Whenever you get a new assignment to a flight or your flight details change, you will get a notification that contains updated departure and arrival information. All you need to do is firmly press/long press on the notification, and the respective flight opens directly.


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