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VOCUS by Polaris Aero (SMS FRAT)

The first advanced risk assessment system integrated into FL3XX automatically identifies the hazards and risk mitigation procedures that are most relevant to your flight. 

Polaris Aero: https://polarisaero.com/
VOCUS: https://www.polarisaero.com/solutions/flightrisk

Functionality at FL3XX:

  • You can Sync your Crew, Tails, and flights to your VOCUS FlightRisk
  • Flights that are subject to Feasibility Check and those created directly in Dispatch are pushed automatically and instantly to VOCUS.
  • Flights that went through the Sales process and went to Dispatch afterward are sent to VOCUS within 10 minutes. Only these having at least one Crew assigned are pushed to VOCUS
  • Dispatchers can run checks Risk Assessments in VOCUS and accept or reject them at FL3XX Dispatch (flights subject to feasibility check)

If you want to activate it, please contact support@fl3xx.com.


How to use it:

In the settings:
1. Map your Crew, this action should be done only if a new Crew member has been created at FL3XX
2. Map your Tails, this action should be done only if a new Tail has been created at FL3XX

Flight push is automatic.

For any further assistance, please contact the FL3XX Customer Care team at support@fl3xx.com.