How to activate it and how it works.

See the walk-through Demo first: 


In order to receive ATC CTOT notifications in FL3XX, customers must use PPS as their flight planning system.

To enable this feature, we will set up an email alias for you, which you will then need to add in your AMEXSY - Settings - Email Notification - Email Address:

If you wish to include more than one email address, simply separate them using a semi-colon. For example: ops@customer.com;cfmu.customer@mail.fl3xx.com


Once the setup is finished, you will see a red "CTOT" blinking in the Dispatch - MVT when you receive an ATC CTOT notification, and your flight status will be "Delayed":


Within the Timeline view, a purple line will be visible, and hovering over it will display the most recent ATC CTOT information:

Furthermore, within the Dispatch - MVT section, users can view all ATFCM related messages:



For assistance with activating ATC CTOT notifications, please contact sales@fl3xx.com.

Thank you.