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Onboarding FlightBridge

How to set-up and activate FlightBridge for the first time

FlightBridge can be activated at any time (during onboarding or afterwards) - even if you have FlightBridge active in your previous system.

  1. Contact FlightBridge (your dedicated contact or support@flightbridge.com).  State your intent to activate the FL3XX integration and ask for the unique company code (3-5 digits) that is used to integrate with FL3XX.  
  2. Contact FL3XX Onboarding or FL3XX Support (onboarding@fl3xx.com, support@fl3xx.com) with the subject line "Activate FlightBridge for <your company>".   FL3XX will gather a report with your crew members and their FL3XX IDs and send it to FlightBridge on your behalf.  This helps with record recognition. 
  3. Insert into Settings →Integrations → FlightBridge:
    1. FlightBridge Company Code
    2. FlightBridge Web Url, which is https://www.flightbridge.com for all users

    Once you have completed this step, your FlightBridge settings will resemble the screenshot below.

    CleanShot 2023-12-15 at 18.03.48@2x
  4. When ready to fully activate, check box "Enable FlightBridge Integration" in Settings.
You can now use the integration (and manage the other settings available) per this guide: FlightBridge!