FlightBridge is a technology platform enabling operators to request and manage various ancillary travel-related services provided by their aviation partners and vendors.


FlightBridge is a technology platform enabling operators to request and manage various ancillary travel-related services provided by their aviation partners and vendors.

With a few simple clicks and far greater accuracy, book over 100,000 hotel properties, including over 3,500 properties at the FBO or crew discounted rate. Over 300 aircraft operators and 1000+ FBOs rely on FlightBridge to reduce the thousands of hours spent on phone calls, emails, and faxes, arranging concierge services and logistics.


FL3XX offers seamless integration with FlightBridge, covering three core functions:

(1) All new flight bookings, and also updated and canceled flights are automatically pushed to FlightBridge.

Thus, FlightBridge always gets your latest schedules instantly. The data includes flight schedules, crew, and passengers. Users needn't do anything. If the integration is set up and active, it runs automatically in the background.

(2) There are two FlightBridge icons in respective sections in FL3XX Dispatch module. One provides direct access to the active leg in FlightBridge, which opens in a separate web browser tab. The other opens the entire trip in FlightBridge.

You can quickly navigate to FlightBridge to order and manage required services.

(3) Your orders are synced back to FL3XX. See an example of a catering order from FlightBridge.


You can also see the status of the order from FlightBridge directly in FL3XX. This status is auto-updated. If you wish to check the latest status manually, you can click it to double-check.

FL3XX sends and sync flight numbers and booking reference.

Orders FL3XX supports:

  1. Hotel
  2. Rental Car
  3. Airline
  4. Car Service
  5. Catering


You must be a FlightBridge subscriber to be able to benefit from this service. FlightBridge assigns you a unique 3-digit Company Code.

To activate FlightBridge, please contact support@fl3xx.com. There are several hidden settings, which FL3XX has to set for you. Then, if you have Admin access in FL3XX, you can simply switch on this integration in SETTINGS / Integrations / FlightBridge.

Note: FL3XX starts syncing only new or changed flights after the integration is activated.

Screenshot 2023-04-18 at 10.59.39

  1. Enable FlightBridge Integration: Activate or disable the entire integration
  2. Auto confirm services by FlightBridge: Activate or disable autoupdating Dispatch with updates from FlightBridge.
    1. Requested in FlightBridge = REQ in FL3XX Dispatch
    2. Confirmed in FlightBridge = OK in FL3XX Dispatch
    3. Rejected in FlightBridge = DO in FL3XX Dispatch
    4. Canceled in FlightBridge = CNL in FL3XX Dispatch
  3. FlightBridge Company Code: Add the unique code you've got from FlightBridge
  4. FlightBridge Web Url: https://www.flightbridge.com
  5. FlightBridge Status: This is a log facilitating trouble-shooting. It shows the date and time of the last transaction, its booking reference, and an error message, may there be a technical issue.
  6. Pull services from FlightBridge: Enable if you wish FlightBridge to paste the results into respective text fields in each service section in the Dispatch.