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Onboarding Aviapages Flight Time Calculator

How to set-up and activate Aviapages Flight Time Calculator for the first time

Aviapages can be activated at any time (during onboarding or afterwards) - even if you have Aviapages active in your previous system.

  1. Contact FL3XX Onboarding (onboarding@fl3xx.com) – or, if onboarding has ended, contact FL3XX Support (support@fl3xx.com) – with the subject line "Activate Aviapages Calculator for <your company>".  Let us know that you would like to activate the Aviapages Flight Time Calculator.
  2. FL3XX will respond with confirmation the integration has been activated.

Optional: Once activated, you can specify Flight Information Regions (FIRs) you want to avoid.  Follow the steps outlines in this article section: Setting FIR Avoidance.

You can now use the integration per this guide: Aviapages Flight Time Calculator!