Aviapages Flight Time Calculator

Calculate flight times in sales with a mouse click to offer better quotes to your customers.

A. How it works

In the sales module, open a quote request. Navigate to the flight routing section.


  1. Click on " ... " the three dots to open a pop-up window with further options.

  2. Click on Calculate precise flight times using Aviapages.
  3. The times get auto-adjusted in a few seconds. Anytime you can manually re-adjust.
  4. Press Save to save your modifications.
  5. In the Map view, you can see the calculated route.
  6. Once your Quote is changed to a Booking, you can use the suggested routing received from Aviapages for flight planning purposes.
  7. The routing can be found on the Dispatch page and Flight Strip FPL/W&B section.

B. Setting FIR Avoidance

The Aviapages integration allows you to customize your flight time calculations by specifying which Flight Information Regions (FIRs) you want to avoid. Avoiding certain FIRs can be essential to ensure your flights are optimized and compliant with your specific operational requirements. Here's how you can set up FIR avoidance:

  1. To configure FIR avoidance, log in to your FL3XX account and navigate to the 'Settings' menu.

  2. In the 'Settings' menu, locate and click on 'Integrations.' This is where you can manage all your integrated services, including Aviapages.

  3. Within the 'Integrations' section, find and select 'Aviapages.' This will take you to the Aviapages integration settings.

  4. Under the Aviapages integration settings, you will find an option labeled 'Routing FIRs to avoid.' Click on this option to begin configuring your FIR avoidance preferences.

  5. Specify FIRs to Avoid: In the 'Routing FIRs to avoid' section, you can input the codes of the FIRs you wish to avoid. Make sure to separate each FIR with a space to ensure the system correctly interprets your selections.

    For example:

    • FIR1 <space> FIR2 <space> FIR3
  6. After you've entered the FIRs you want to avoid, be sure to save your settings. This will ensure that your flight time calculations take into account your specified FIR avoidance preferences.

  7. It's a good practice to review your FIR avoidance settings to confirm that they match your operational requirements. Additionally, you can run test scenarios to verify that the system accurately avoids the specified FIRs during flight time calculations.

Please note that you do not need a pre-existing account with Aviapages to utilize this integration. FL3XX takes care of it, allowing you to customize flight time calculations and optimize your operations without any prior commitments to Aviapages.

C. Frequently Asked Questions

How precise is the time calculation?

Time calculation is based on airway structure and FIRs which shall be avoided (details in above section B)

❓ Does it include taxi times?

No, Aviapages calculation returns flight time only, you can see it exactly by hovering over a time value in the Block column [1].
Taxi times are managed through FL3XX settings, allowing for flexibility and customization in your flight planning.

❓ Does it calculate with my aircraft?

Indeed, the Aviapages flight time calculator utilizes aircraft performance models based on the aircraft selected in the Quote(s). It's important to note that these calculations are done based on the aircraft performance that Aviapages has.
However, Aviapages also offers the option to tailor performance calculations to your specific aircraft, ensuring precision and accuracy in your flight planning. For more precise and tailored performance calculations for your specific aircraft, you need to liaise directly with Aviapages

Does it factor in winds?

Yes, historical average wind data is considered for the flight time calculation.

Where can I get more information about this service?
You can find more information on Aviapages website.

D. How to enable this feature?

If you wish to enable the feature, please contact support@fl3xx.com.

E. How much does it cost?

Aviapages Flight Time Calculator is a paid add-on service charged per calculation sent to Aviapages.