FUEL & more

FUEL & more is an independent external fuel purchasing service from Germany.

FUEL & more


FUEL & more is an independent external fuel purchasing service from Germany. It offers a tailor-made service in fuel-management along with other services that might be required such as consulting, fuel-purchasing, fuel-list for pricing and indexes together with all relevant information, tax information, tax exemption for commercial flights, and fuel-invoice control.


FL3XX allows you to upload your fuel data directly from the XLSX sheet you receive from FUEL & more. This data updates your Airports / Fuel Price/Index database, which is mainly used in Dispatch to plan fuel.

If you use the Cost Model in Sales for charter calculations, FL3XX will automatically use the actual fuel prices at the departure airport for each leg in your sales calculations.

In the Fuel-Stop dialog, FL3XX displays the fuel index to allow you a better selection of a stopover location.


Please note you need sufficient access rights in FL3XX to execute. If you can't access the Settings in FL3XX, or you can't see the Fuel section, consult your system administrator first.

Settings for FUEL & more can be found in SETTINGS / FUEL PROVIDERS. Detailed explanations of the settings are described here.

Data Format

FL3XX reads only the first sheet in the data file.

FL3XX matches the data subject to import by their header fields in the source data. Hence, the headers have to exactly match the given format template.

May you need the data template, please ask our support.