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How to Import (Upload) Fuel Price Data?

FL3XX enables you to easily import (upload) your fuel data to the system. In this way, FL3XX stores your fuel data in its Fuel Price/Index in the Airports, which facilitates fuel planning in Dispatch, and cost-based quoting in Sales.

Please note you need sufficient access rights in FL3XX to execute. If you can't access the Settings in FL3XX, or you can't see the Fuel section, consult your system administrator first.


  • Review the settings for the upcoming import/upload: 
    • Fuel Basis Airport IATA: Applicable for fuel import if your data file contains more than one price index location. E.g., there's an index based on DUS, LPA, and VIE. Set here the one you want to apply for you in FL3XX.
    • Replace Fuel Database: Erases your entire fuel database in FL3XX, and completely replaces it with the data in the uploading file.
    • Update Price in Future Flights: Applicable for fuel requests in dispatch fuel. It overrides previously uploaded fuel prices and ITP FP owes from the date of upload in the future flights (schedule off-block later than the moment of data upload).
  • Upload fuel prices: Choose File and proceed
  • The import may take a few minutes depending on the file size. Please mind that FL3XX doesn't only upload the data itself. FL3XX also goes through your existing flights, matches them with the new data, and executes updates according to your settings. Thus, this process may take a while (up to 20-30 minutes, if your data contains a few thousand lines, and if there is a large number of booked flights.)
  • You can access the main generic FL3XX Fuel Template here