Dispatch App - Release A Flight

This article provides details on how to Release a Flight in FL3XX Dispatch App, including the Flight Release key features.

The Release Flight feature enables flight dispatchers and duty managers to efficiently manage flight statuses. It allows users to mark flights as "RELEASED," "SUBMIT," or "DO," and add remarks as needed, simplifying the flight management process.


  1. Before you are able to release a flight, you must ensure the "Add Flight Release Process" setting is active in Operator Settings.
  2. The "Release" tab can be found between the "Fuel" and "MVT" tabs within the Dispatch app and is visible only to users with the necessary roles.

    The flight release logic in the Dispatch app mirrors that of the web app, with the following roles determining how a user can use the feature:
    1. Users with a "FLIGHT_READ" role may only view the information within the Flight Release tab
    2. Users with a "FLIGHT_WRITE" role may access and modify the Release tab, and can also mark a flight as "RELEASED".

  3. Once the feature is activated and you have the correct permissions, navigate to the Dispatch app and locate the "Release" tab.
  4. Within the tab, you will see sections named "STATUS," "BY," and "REMARKS". The "BY" value displays the name of the user responsible for the last changes made in the Release status.
  5. Use the "STATUS" drop-down list to select and change the flight status to: "DO", "SUBMIT", "RELEASED", or press "Cancel" to return to the Release tab.

  6. Add remarks in the designated "Remarks" field as necessary.

Flight Status Management during Aircraft Maintenance:

If there is any ongoing maintenance for the aircraft, users will not be able to change or set any status values on the Release tab. In this case, the page will be in read-only mode, and clicking on the drop-down list will prompt an appropriate message to be displayed.

Flight Release notifications

With the "Activate Release" setting enabled and the "FLIGHT_WRITE" role assigned, you will receive push notifications on your mobile device whenever a flight is submitted for release. Notifications will not work for workflows where the "Activate Release" setting is inactive.


To activate the feature, go to Operator Settings in the Web Application and set the "Add Flight Release Process" checkbox to active.


For support with user roles, or if you have any questions, feel free to check out our guide on how to release a flight or reach out to our support team for assistance.