Create Multiple Quotes to be sent in one email

  • Create a Booking in the Sales Module and Save it.


  • Once saved, click on the Create Version button at the top right of the page. This creates a new version of the same booking


  • In the new version of the Booking, change the Airport and/or the Airports. Once you are satisfied with the result Save the new Booking
  • You can repeat the steps as many times as many needed, and you can also create a version of any previously created versions
  • Once you are satisfied with all versions created, click on the Multi-quote in the workflow


  • In the Quote email, all non-cancelled versions that you created are listed as Options with their related trip information: aircraft, itinerary, and pricing. The options are listed in order of increasing Total Price.
  • The attached Quote PDF also includes all info on all versions
  • When the customer replies to the Multi-quote, the responses are allocated to all versions of the quote
  • Once the customer selected one of the versions, you will have to first Decline then Drop the unused versions with a reason. Adding a Decline reason is mandatory