Avinode is an online marketplace for business aviation.


Avinode is an online marketplace for business aviation. Via its API, FL3XX can

  1. Automatically download incoming quote requests
  2. Send respective quote responses back to Avinode, including:
    - acceptance/decline
    - price (including currencies)
    - price updates if previously already quoted
  3. Download the Broker/Operator email and save it in Accounts
  4. Auto-upload the aircraft Timeline to Avinode
  5. Sync with SchedAero
  6. Avinode 2-way Chat - in order to activate it, enable webhook in Settings 


If Avinode is enabled, new incoming quote requests appear automatically in SALES / LH-List.

If particular aircraft is set as on for Avinode in FL3XX, its Time Line (schedule) in FL3XX regularly uploads into the Avinode schedule every few minutes.


The main settings for Avinode can be found in COMPANY SETTINGS / Integrations / Avinode.

  1. Avinode Enable: Enables/disables all subsequent functions
  2. Avinode Get Quote Requests: Import Quote Requests from Avinode automatically
  3. Avinode Reply Accept: Sends an update to Avinode in case the Quote is Accepted by Sales
  4. Avinode Reply Deny: Sends an update to Avinode in case the Quote is Denied by Sales
  5. Avinode Reply Price: Sends an updated Price to Avinode in case the Quote is Accepted by Sales
  6. Avinode Upload Aircraft: General setting to enable Aircraft Schedule Uploads of your fleet to Avinode. Please liaison with your Avinode's account manager so that Avinode makes their respective settings to enable such schedule upload on their side as well.
  7. Use Avinode Flight Time: This applies to the Flight Time calculated by Avinode. If disabled, the FL3XX calculation will be used. It is recommended to use FL3XX Flight Time for various reasons. The main reason is that with any change in the Quote (itinerary, aircraft, …) FL3XX Flight Time has to be used anyways and discrepancies to the original request might occur
  8. Avinode Import POS Flights: Import Positioning Flights from Avinode
  9. Round Avinode Flight Time To Enter rounding value in minutes
  10. Avinode Authentication Token:  can be found in the settings of the Avinode marketplace (in the menu - under Company / APIs / Connections / View / Authentication Tokens / Show Credentials)
  11. Avinode URL: https://services.avinode.com/api/
  12. Avinode Webhook: updates quotes and messages from Avinode. It additionally allows synchronizing with Avinode's SchedAero

There is one additional setting in AIRCRAFT:

  1. Avinode: Enables/disables the Schedule Upload of the respective aircraft into Avinode.
    Please note that this aircraft must be correctly set in Avinode.

    *Note: Avinode does not support scheduling for Helicopters

Avinode RFQ Changes

We handle changes and cancellations made in the Avinode/SchedAero platform on existing quotes in FL3XX.

If the quote in FL3XX is unhandled, any change or cancellation in Avinode will update the existing quote.

If the quote in FL3XX is already sent, any change in Avinode will create a new version in FL3XX.


What FL3XX pushes from Timeline in FL3XX to Schedule in Avinode
- PAX flights 
- POS flights
- Dummy Flights (as POS flights) -> Timeline -> Create a new task -> Task -> Flight Dummy
- Crew Unavailable
- Maintenance
- Reserved
- Unscheduled Maintenance 
- Notes are not pushed to Avinode

At the moment, FL3XX does not send empty legs to make them available in the Empty Legs section in Avinode, but you can use the POS flights we upload and sell them as empty legs manually in Avinode.

For the best performance, make sure there is no disconnect in the Timeline at FL3XX.

Screenshot 2023-08-30 at 17.03.58

Screenshot 2023-08-30 at 17.06.20

You can edit the activity type
- Avinode equivalent - stands for how it is displayed in Avinode
You can edit the color how it is displayed in Avinode 

Screenshot 2023-08-30 at 17.06.28

Avinode message - Sales Panel (next to the Price Metrics)

- A generic message we receive from Avinode with the incoming Request For Quote
- The TripID is a unique code from Avinode, then FL3XX assigns internal FL3XX booking ref.
- Our Search Panel in Sales recognizes them both
- It contains Forecasted Price - the price set up in Avinode
- An operator can use this price by clicking on the price and it goes to the Total Net in the FL3XX Price Engine


You can see how it works here:
Avinode integration for Operators - DEMO
Avinode for Sourcing Aircraft - DEMO