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Wyvern is a safety and risk-management / auditing service. FL3XX allows you to upload pilot data (licenses, flight hours, etc.) to produce valid audits for each flight.


If Wyvern is enabled, you will see a Wyvern-Panel in the Qualifications tree and Staff.

We upload two types of pilot-related data: flight hours detected (with no user manual intervention) and the license data for which the users can specify in the Qualifications tree a correspondent for Wyvern licenses template and Type Ratings (make sure you link correctly your qualifications with the templates recognised by Wyvern from the drop-down list).

Once this is done and data is detected for the relevant data, when users click on the “Data Preview” button in Staff they will get a preview of the data to be uploaded to Wyvern.

For proper functioning, please ensure:

  1. the main Pilot License is entered into staff members' Qualifications section.  To add it as a qualification that auto-poulates with crew assignments, you can add it to your training tree structure. Pilot Licenses that are only entered in the Passports, ID, Visas section will not be synced
  2. the main Pilot License has got a Number allocated that matches Wyvern
  3. the 'Employed Since' field in Persons is not empty so the system calculates correctly the past 90d and 12m flight times

You can upload single pilots to Wyvern by clicking the Wyvern icon.

This will include also the employment type setup in the Staff page or if crew has had any sanctions in the past 5 years.

You can upload all pilots with the “Sync with Wyvern” button in the Settings/Admin Operators Settings/Integrations/Wyvern ((auto sync runs once per day at 01:00 at the operator's timezone).


All settings for Wyvern can be found in Settings/Admin Operators Settings/Integrations/Wyvern:

  1. Wyvern Integration main checkbox (to enable or disable)
  2. Wyvern GUID: Enter the GUID you received from Wyvern (currently 

    6A25B26C-C7F7-43B6-8B68-849E1A186609) - Superadmin enabled

  3. Wyvern Username: Enter the username you received from Wyvern
  4. Wyvern Password: Enter the password you received from Wyvern
  5. Wyvern Test: Disable to use the Wyvern production environment
  6. Wyvern Auto Sync: Check this to automatically sync all data
  7. Wyvern Status: check for the last sync status details and a list of errors produ👔ced.


Note: This is a paid feature. To enable it, please get in touch with sales@fl3xx.com.