What is FL3XX' Data Retention and Backup Policy?

FL3XX keeps your data safe during the entire duration of the contract.

You are storing many data in FL3XX. Your own operational data, commercial data, staff, and passenger data, ...

Not only do you want to keep them safe for obvious reasons, but you also have to ensure that data remains available and accessible, even if something goes wrong in our system. In addition to that, we also get requests from civil aviation authorities to provide evidence on data retention and backup policies regarding operational data.

Customer data is retained at FL3XX during the entire contract period. This includes daily backups for the last 7 days and weekly backups for the last 100 days. We have Point-in-Time Recovery (PITR) for the last 7 days. This means if any failure in our infrastructure should occur, we will be able to restore it to any point in time over the last 7 days.

FL3XX is running on eight real-time replicas, which is the ultimate backup policy. Only if all eight replica databases fail at the same time, we need to resort to one of the scheduled backups mentioned above.

Should you cancel your contract with FL3XX, we will keep all data until 30 days after the contract expiry. At which point, all data will be deleted from FL3XX servers.

This is in full compliance with our GDPR and ISO27001 certifications.