US eAPIS Part91 (Private Flights)

You can submit Part91 (Private Flights) eAPIS to the CBP through FL3XX with a mouse click.

A. How to use

When you have a flight arriving or departing to/from the United States, FL3XX auto-populates the required eAPIS data in the Dispatch module.

In Dispatch, under the Migration tab, we display the crew and passenger data.


We also display yellow and red warnings of missing or incorrect data with explanations of what needs to be added before the data can be submitted to the CBP. You can ignore the yellow warnings, we auto-correct them before submission. But the red warnings have to be corrected.


The next step is to add the Crew and Passenger US addresses. If PAX or Crew member has a US home address, we show the word Home, meaning that you can select this address. If the PAX or Crew doesn't have any US address, click first on the PAX/Crew name then on the + Add address button. In the popup window, add the address and save it. 



Once all addresses in the US and other missing data are added, the File eAPIS 91 button appears at the bottom of the page. Press the button. In a few seconds, we submit the file and show you the confirmation number we receive from the CBP.

Please note that we allow to submit an APIS file when the departure airport is not on the allowed airport list of the CBP,  but the system warns the user about it. When the arrival airport is not on the above mentioned list, the system also gives a warning and notifies the user that the submission will have the nearest allowed airport


B. How to set up

  1. First, make sure that you've got your correct and valid APIS 91 Sender ID and password from CBP.
  2. Notify FL3XX Support to activate this feature. We will let you know once it is active.
  3. In the Settings / Integrations / API, add the Emergency Contacts
  4. Screen Shot 2021-02-12 at 4.24.14 PM-1Add your APIS 91 and/or 135 Sender ID and Password.