Understanding Flight Visibility Across FL3XX Mobile Applications

Maximizing FL3XX App Efficiency: Understanding Flight Visibility Across Dispatch, Crew, and Owner Apps

FL3XX offers a suite of mobile applications, each with specific functionality designed to meet the needs of different users within the aviation ecosystem. One of the key aspects across these applications is flight visibility, which varies based on the user role and the particular app in use. 

Flight Visibility Across FL3XX Apps

The following outlines the flight visibility protocol within the Dispatch App, Crew App, and Owner App:

Dispatch App: The Dispatch App provides a comprehensive view of all flights, excluding any that have been canceled. This includes flights where the user is assigned as a crew member or all flights from all aircraft operated by the user's Operator. The flight visibility in the Dispatch App aligns with the flight information displayed on the WebApp Dispatch page. To access all flights of your operator as a crew member, you must have the correct access rights.

Crew App: This application is designed to display only the flights where the user is assigned as a crew member on the Dispatch module's crew panel. It focuses on the crew member's specific assignments.

Owner App: The Owner App is specifically designed for aircraft owners. It provides visibility of flights that are exclusively planned for the owned aircraft. It does not display any flights unless they directly involve the owned aircraft. To view the flights related to the owned aircraft, the owner user must be selected on the aircraft page.

Our flight visibility system ensures that users have access to the information they need based on their role in the operations.

Recent Improvements

We have resolved flight visibility issues that were affecting mobile applications such as the Crew and Owner Apps. Our improved setup now offers a streamlined user experience that is consistent with the explanation provided above.

Adjusting Flight Visibility

As of now, flight visibility settings are not adjustable across these applications. The flight visibility is designed to provide the most relevant information for each specific user role, enhancing the overall functionality and experience of the app.

We understand that flight visibility is an important feature across our applications and are always working to optimize the user experience based on feedback from our users.