Traxxall is a cloud-based solution providing analyst-supported aircraft maintenance tracking and inventory management services to operators around the world.


Traxxall is a cloud-based solution providing analyst-supported aircraft maintenance tracking and inventory management services to operators around the world.

FL3XX offers seamless integration with Traxxall covering the following key functionalities to make your operations faster and more productive:

  1. Automatic transmission of actual times and cycles after each post-flight is submitted and validated
  2. Auto-pull of aircraft's Due List from Traxxall straight to the Aircraft and Dispatch page


To activate this integration, please contact both Traxxall and FL3XX. The integration has to be set on both sides. At FL3XX, please email us at Please note that this is a paid service. Monthly fees may apply. At Traxxall, contact your usual point of contact and ask to enable the integration with FL3XX.

If the Traxxall integration is enabled for the operator both in Traxxall and FL3XX, you can select a particular aircraft for data transmission with Traxxall in the Aircraft page (per Aircraft basis).

Once the flight is completed, the post-flight report is filed and validated by setting the OK (green) status in Dispatch, FL3XX automatically forwards the total cycles and hours to Traxxall for all applicable aircraft systems (airframe, engines, APU, etc.) as set in Aircraft.

You don't need to worry about any later updates or edits in any flight legs, e.g. in case of data corrections. FL3XX will notice and resend new corrected values any time you make any changes.

Pull Due List

FL3XX offers two methods to download the due list for selected aircraft: manual and automatic.

  • The manual method is specific to each aircraft and can be accessed on the Aircraft page.
  • The automatic method applies to the entire chosen fleet. You can find and set this option by navigating to Settings -> Integrations -> Traxxall.

The results are visible on the Aircraft page and in the Dispatch page:

Screenshot 2024-01-04 at 11.29.27


The main settings for Traxxall can be found in COMPANY SETTINGS / INTEGRATIONS / TRAXXALL.

Screenshot 2024-01-04 at 11.22.49

1) Click "Enable Traxxall Integration"
2) Input your Traxxall Api Key and and Traxxall Api Secret you've got from Traxxall.
3) Save your settings.
4) you can choose to enable Auto-pull (optional) if you want the Due List to be automatically pulled for all the selected Aircraft every 3 hours
5) Traxxall Push Times Status: Once FL3XX has begun communicating with Traxxall, you can check the status
6) Traxxall Pull Due List Status: The status of the Due List pull

Afterward, go to the AIRCRAFT page and choose the specific aircraft you want to enable for Traxxall tracking. You'll find this option in the Maintenance section

  1. Select Traxxall from the dropdown menu
  2. Carefully check and/or fill in the required data of all relevant aircraft systems, mainly:
    - Initial date: If missing, FL3XX may ignore the system.
    - Initial values for Airframe and each tracked system:
    - Serial #: The serials have to exactly match with the serial in Traxxall. Otherwise, the affected system won't be updated in Traxxall. Regarding the Airframe, its Registration must exactly match the registration in Traxxall.
    - Initial values for Airframe and each tracked system:
  3. Activate Sync with Traxxall for desired systems.
    - May you not see the green OK immediately, please wait. It may take a while.
    - Try to trigger the update by changing the last post-flight in Dispatch (OK -> REQ -> OK).
    - If you see any Error, recheck the serial numbers (Traxxall = FL3XX). If the Error persists, try to reload the page in your web browser and recheck.