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Taxes in the USA

Automatic calculation of passenger taxes and charges in the USA within FL3XX.

In FL3XX we are calculating the following US Taxes and Charges:

FET (Federal Excise Tax) 

The system takes into consideration the 250 miles rule, the spent over water rule, also the 12 hours rule before and international leg in both ways. The over water rule is not applied on the East Coast, only on the West Coast. The charged amount is 7.5%.

If your workflow is set to Cargo, the system charges the applicable 6.25% FET for the trip.

If your flight starts, or ends at a rural airport, the system does not charge FET, or segment fees. 

The system breaks down the calculations for your convenience with detailed explanation how the FET was calculated, either hover over the FET, or klick on it for a popup window such as below.

Before booking a flight (during the Quote status), the system collects data to ascertain the type of flight, based on the workflow. 
Following the booking, system cross-references additional flight details from the FPL on the flight strip to determine the flight type. This enables automatic recalibration of the FET requirement, even in cases where the flight type switches.

Segment Fee for passengers, calculated together with the FET, if FET does not apply, or the client remits the FET we do not charge it. The fee is $5.00 for 2024

Low Facility Fee

Charged on flight to/from Hawaii and Alaska, the 2024 fee is $11.11 per passenger

On International Flights:

High Facility Fee

The system adds $22.10 per passenger in 2024

Immigration Fee

The system adds $7.00 per passenger in 2024

Customs Fee

The system adds $6.97 per passenger in 2024

APHIS Aircraft

The system adds $225.00 per aircraft in 2024

APHIS Passengers

The system adds $3.96 per passenger in 2024